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This content was created as part of a brainstorming session at MozCamp Eu 2009


Who owns your picture?

1 Sentence Summary

Raise awareness around the terms of service and ownership of user-created content on the web, and advocate for more open and user-centric terms.


  • Help people understand who actually owns the digital photographs they put online
  • Create a networking effect between friends, families and interest groups
  • Pressure sites to change their terms of service


  • Local photo clubs
  • Professional Photographers
  • "Prosumer" photographers
  • People who use Flickr to connect their families and friends
  • Facebook photo users?

(Note: This same campaign approach could be applied to other media as well -- but it probably makes sense to zero in on one specific audience to start)


Recruit local photo clubs
  • Get local photo clubs involved through small events (Conga)
Facebook Quiz or Application
  • Create a Facebook quiz asking if people understand the terms of service. The fun part is that most quizzes get access to a user's friends list, entire photo collection, and photo collections of their friends. This could be used to demonstrate the user's lack of ownership over their own digital content.
"#iownthis" tag
  • Get passionate users to tag their images with #iownthis as a way of expressing their desire to have more ownership over their own digital content. Put together websites to demonstrate how many people are interested, using graphs, photo streams, etc.
Online petitions or user groups focused on specific sites
  • Could help start Facebook or Flickr groups that pressure these sites from within, engaging and educating others within those communities to advocate for making the site's terms of service fairer and more transparent.


  • To be added