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The Festival of Digital Culture 2011

Informations about the event

  • December 2-4th, MAM-Rio de Janeiro
  • Expected audience: 3.000 people +crowd that circulates around the event venue, which is open to the beach front
  • Type of Audience: More than an event for the exhibition of ideas and projects, the CulturaDigital.Br Festival is a space for the gathering of agents of digital culture from Brazil and all over the world — producers and activists who operate in the intersection between culture, politics, technology. The event takes place in a public space with wide circulation of the local population, because of that people with no familiarity with digital technologies also are expected for the event
  • Event Website:

Mozilla Lounge

  • Branded seating area designated for Mozilla
  • Three screens playing videos
  • Delivery of SCHWAGS [t-shirts, stickers, flyers]


  • On Add-ons SDK, Extensions and how to become a contributor of Mozilla
  • Community Members[ReMo]: Clauber Stipkovic (live) and Armando Neto (remote, using Skype)

Mozilla Studio

  • Branded area to interview people and capture video
  • Intimate space for discussion

Award Ceremony

  • To take place in their main auditorium
  • Award “Liberators of the "Web” plaque or trophy
  • Showcase campaign