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Today’s meeting leader is: harry

General Topics / Roundtable

Friends of the Firefox team


  • [mconley] Welcome to mtigley and daisuke!

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Fixed more than one bug

  • manas

Project Updates


Add-ons / Web Extensions

Addon Manager & about:addons

  • Shane landed a patch to make sure that Firefox will double-check the version compatibility for the installed langpacks and disable them if they are not strictly compatible with the currently running Firefox version (Bug 1646016), this was likely a major cause for some YSOD (yellow screen of death) issues that were originally triggered by an issue on the AMO side.

WebExtensions Framework

  • Matt Woodrow fixed a webRequest API regression which was preventing pages multipart/x-mixed-replace content to finish loading when extensions using webRequest blocking listeners are installed (e.g. uBlock origin) (Fixed in Bug 1638422, originally regressed by Bug 1600211)

WebExtensions API

  • As part of fission-related work on the extensions framework and APIs, Tomislav landed some changes needed to make the browser.tabs.captureTab API method to work with Fission iframes (Bug 1636508)


Firefox Accounts

Sync and Storage

  • 98% of our sync storage nodes have been migrated over to the new Rust based sync storage service, aka “Durable Sync”.
  • JR Conlin is working on implementing a sync quota; we’ll limit users to 2GB per sync collection (ie, bookmarks, tabs, history, etc) and plan to roll this out in late September.


Developer Tools


  • Fission Nightly experiment is tentatively targeted for Nightly 83

Form Autofill

Installer & Updater

  • Mhowell and Nalexander are researching how to move forward with a Gecko based background update agent. Work will continue on this effort through the end of the year.
  • Bytesized has a patch open to add telemetry to track windows verified app settings to help us better understand barriers to installation for Win10 users.


  • Sonia has continued work on enabling rules that were previously disabled when *.xul files moved to *.xhtml, with toolkit and accessible landing in the last week.

New Tab Page

  • No updates


Password Manager

PDFs & Printing

  • Beta uplifts are complete as of Thursday
  • QA has been looking over the feature and the old print UI on beta and haven’t found any blockers for backing out our latest uplifts
  • Go/no-go decision to be made on Friday, Sept 11


Performance Tools


  • The toggle variation experiment is now live! We should hopefully have some data to help us make a selection on which toggle to proceed with soon.


      • Default = -1
      • Mode 1 = 1
      • Mode 2 = 2

      • “right” = right side (default)
      • “left” = left side
    • (only affects Mode 2)

      • true - the user has used Picture-in-Picture before in 80+
      • false (default) - the user has not used Picture-in-Picture before in 80+
  • MSU students are working on improving Picture-in-Picture! Here’s the metabug.


Remote Protocol (Chrome DevTools Protocol subset)

Search and Navigation


  • Cleanup the search service after modern configuration shipped - Bug 1619922

    • Legacy search configuration code has been removed - Bug 1619926, Bug 1642990

    • Work is ongoing to improve some of the architecture of the search service and should be complete in the 82 cycle.

  • Consolidation of search aliases and bookmark keywords - Bug 1650874

    • Internal search keywords are now shown in about:preferences#search - Bug 1658713

    • WIP - Initial implementation of user defined search engines - Bug 1106626

Address Bar:

  • Urlbar Update 2

    • Refreshed one-off buttons are enabled in Nightly, when reporting bugs please check open dependencies of the meta Bug 1644572

    • Polishing the feature for release in Firefox 82

    • Behavior change: Left/Right keys on one-off buttons move the caret rather than trapping the user in one-off buttons - Bug 1632318

    • Improvement: Some restriction characters (*, %, ^) are converted to search mode when a space is typed after them to restrict results - Bug 1658964

User Journey


  • Camera and microphone global mutes have landed, but are being held to Nightly
  • mconley is working on adding Task Tray icons on Windows to indicate that devices are being shared

    • We have something similar on macOS already

This week I learned

  • [mconley] We use Python to turn YAML into C++ for things like Events.yaml and Scalars.yaml.