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The Firefox Remote Protocol is a low-level debugging interface based on the CDP protocol. With it, you can inspect the state and control execution of documents running in web content, instrument Gecko in interesting ways, simulate user interaction for automation purposes, and debug JavaScript execution.


The team has a public meeting most Mondays at 09:00 GMT/BST. We meet in the LON-4-425 Tea Leaf (4) Vidyo room. Meetings are announced on the mailing list and minutes are archived on this wiki.

Day of week Pacific Time Eastern Time GMT Central European Time Japan Time
Mondays 1:00AM–1:55AM 4:00AM–4:55AM 9:00AM–9:55AM 10:00AM–10:55AM 6:00PM–6:55PM

See Remote/Meetings for the list of past and upcoming meetings.


Mailing list (subscribe, archive)
Real-time chat
The IRC channel for the project is #remote (logs, webchat)
Bug tracking
Remote Protocol in Bugzilla


Our team is composed of these fine individuals, followed by their IRC nicknames in paranthesis and their title:

Name IRC nickname Location Timezone Title
Alexandre Poirot ochameau Paris CET/CEST Engineer
Andreas Tolfsen ato London GMT/BST Engineer
David Burns AutomatedTester Bournemouth GMT/BST Manager
Soledad Penadés sole London GMT/BST Manager
Yulia Startsev yulia Berlin CET/CEST Engineer
Currently focussed on Fission in DevTools