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The Firefox Remote Protocol is a low-level debugging interface based on the CDP protocol. With it, you can inspect the state and control execution of documents running in web content, instrument Gecko in interesting ways, simulate user interaction for automation purposes, and debug JavaScript execution.


For client users (Puppeteer, Playwright, etc.)

We welcome early feedback during this alpha stage of development. If you would like to try this out with your favourite browser automation library, you should download Firefox Nightly. Feel free to ask questions and file bugs - see Communication , below.


Can I use Puppeteer with Firefox?
puppeteer and puppeteer-core are able to launch Firefox Nightly as of v2.1.0. This is part of a gradual transition away from puppeteer-firefox.
What is the difference between puppeteer and puppeteer-firefox?
puppeteer-firefox is an experimental package from Google. It communicates solely with an outdated Firefox fork and is no longer maintained. It is not compatible with official Firefox releases.
Can I use Playwright with Firefox?
Playwright communicates with a different Firefox fork, similarly to puppeteer-firefox. The Firefox binary downloaded when installing Playwright is maintained by the Microsoft Playwright team, not Mozilla. In the future, Playwright should be able to interact with official Firefox binaries along the same lines as Puppeteer.


The team meets most Wednesdays at 15:00 GMT (when announced on the mailing list) . Meeting agendas are posted to the mailing list in advance and minutes are archived on this wiki.

See Remote/Meetings for the list of past and upcoming meetings as well as joining instructions.


Mailing list (subscribe, archive)
Real-time chat
#remote-protocol on Matrix
Bug tracking
Remote Protocol in Bugzilla
All ze boogs


Our team is composed of these fine individuals:

Name IRC nickname Location Timezone Title
Henrik Skupin whimboo Germany CET/CEST Engineer
Maja Frydrychowicz maja_zf Montreal EST/EDT Engineer
Marco Mucci mmucci Toronto EST/EDT Product Manager