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Iteration #20 Status Report

Production Summary

At the conclusion of Development Iteration #20:

  • Total Points Completed: 1,089
  • Percentage of Points Completed: 100%
  • Team Velocity: 55 Per Iteration
  • Forecasted Release Version: Firefox 28 release on March 18, 2014. (View Release Calendar)

Metro V1 Public Release Update

  • Iteration #20 was the final development iteration for Metro now that it has moved onto Aurora 28.

  • Aurora 28 will consist of three iterations:
    • Iteration #21 - Mon 12/9/13 - Fri 1/3/14
    • Iteration #22 - Mon 1/6/14 - Fri 1/17/14
    • Iteration #23 - Mon 1/20/14 - Fri 1/31/14

  • A new production summary is available which focusses solely on Aurora 28 - View Summary

  • At the conclusion of Iteration #20, given the historical velocity performance values of 18,30,32,33,42,43,46,47,50,51,59,61,63,64,68,74,74,75,77,80, the Metro Team has a median velocity of 55 and there is a 90% likelihood that the actual velocity will fall between 43 and 68.

  • With the current Aurora Iteration #21 totalling 76 points and a velocity range of 43 - 68 points, there is a 90% likelihood that 8 - 33 points worth of work will carry over into Aurora Iteration #22.

  • With Aurora 28 consisting of three iterations, the Metro Team can expect to complete between 129 and 204 more units of work with a median value of 165.

  • The forecasted size of the work for Aurora (in the Backlog and in Iteration #21) totals 131 points.

Iteration #20 Performance

  • Performance Highlights
    • Team completed 61 points across 33 features which resulted in a team velocity of 55 points per iteration.
    • Team velocity increased by 4 points from the previous iteration.
    • 20 points of work was not completed during Iteration #20 and carried over into Iteration #21 as was previously forecast by our velocity range.

Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
831986 Story - Double-tap Zoom P1 RESOLVED
840855 Defect - Dialogs intermittently fail to accept touch input P2 RESOLVED
886321 Story - APZC metrofx issue tracking P1 RESOLVED
895686 Change - Add updated icons for contextual appbar. P2 VERIFIED
903284 Change - [l10n] Clarify labels and icons for the contextual appbar P2 VERIFIED
903426 [l10n] Change - In-content crash reporter prompt P2 RESOLVED
914447 Defect - Monocles not always appearing around selected URL in Navigation App Bar P2 RESOLVED
917429 Change - Add back the start watermarkand test P2 VERIFIED
918203 Defect - Several seconds delay before adjusting when transitioning into filled view P2 VERIFIED
922456 Defect - GFX issues when moving between different views (Full, Filled & Snapped) P2 RESOLVED
927802 Defect - Right-click in a contentEditable element should display a context menu P2 RESOLVED
930288 Defect - Tab previews appear "zoomed" after using snapped view P2 VERIFIED
932999 Defect - Download button has white arrow on light background P2 RESOLVED
933989 Defect - New tab button in tab bar always sets focus to the url bar, triggering soft keyboard P2 RESOLVED
939705 Defect - Arrow keys not working in context menu P2 VERIFIED
940101 Defect - Switching between Firefox Desktop/Firefox Metro environments not always working P2 VERIFIED
940936 Change - Use profile name in registry sync prefs for WindowsPrefSync.jsm P2 RESOLVED
941292 [l10n] Change - Add 'search settings' to the 'settings' menu P2 RESOLVED
941592 Defect - double-tap to zoom fails if the user zooms out P2 RESOLVED
942389 Defect - Text selection highlight colors in chrome and content don't match P2 VERIFIED
942689 Defect - Simulated mouse events for tap gestures do not include modifier key info P2 RESOLVED
942915 Decide on placement for "Metro Mode" button in Australis P2 RESOLVED
943451 Defect - Return of double tab! (touchstart.preventDefault does not prevent clicks in Metro chrome) P2 VERIFIED
943542 Defect - this._onClickCoords is not a function in SelectionHandler.js P2 RESOLVED
943735 Defect - Typing backspace in the urlbar should de-select the selected autocomplete tile P2 VERIFIED
944434 Defect - Updates from Desktop on Oak launch the metro browser instead of Desktop to perform the update P2 RESOLVED
944740 [Australis] Don't show »Metro Mode« button on non-Windows-8 platforms P1 VERIFIED
944781 Defect - Toolbar icons have gotten lighter on Windows 7 P2 VERIFIED
944825 Relaunch in Windows 8 style nightly should prompt for default on Holly if not already default. P2 RESOLVED
944828 [l10n] - Finalize verbage for Metro button text in Australis P2 RESOLVED
945539 Defect - Metro download button has wrong layout on high-DPI screens P2 RESOLVED
946181 [l10n] Rename entities switch-to-metro-button.label and switch-to-metro-button.tooltiptext to reflect updated content P2 RESOLVED
946990 Windows Start tile should launch Firefox in the user's most recently used mode P2 VERIFIED

33 Total; 0 Open (0%); 20 Resolved (60.61%); 13 Verified (39.39%);