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Note: These features have been moved to the main Features/Firefox feature page. Some are still being written up, and can be found at the UX/ToDo page in the interim.

Want help make the user experience of Firefox the best it can be? Here are the top priorities identified by the UX team. They are in order of priority, grouped under new features, revised features, and polish/cleanup.

If you want to help out with any of these, get in touch with Alex Limi to coordinate,

Feature revision

  • Improved discovery pane in add-ons manager
  • Backgrounds and themes view in the add-ons manager/live preview
  • Don't let add-ons that are not compatible with an unsupported version of Firefox stop you from upgrading: bug 597598 — i.e. an add-on that doesn't work with 3.6 nor with 4.0 shouldn't stop you from upgrading your Firefox 3.5 to 4.0
  • Search improvements — Among others: attach “create custom search” onto search form completion dropdowns (possibly with threshold, detect search fields, 3rd time etc)

Research projects

  • Ability to manage hundreds of tabs in low memory situations (serialization, freeze JS, etc)
  • Tablet UI
  • "The Vault", a way to save/freeze content, save encrypted to Sync container, and have them follow you around (receipts, tickets, etc)
  • Collecting people/locations/time, service discovery, navigable pages in the browser include meta-pages of location, people, etc.
  • Sync my contacts across sites, let me use my Facebook people elsewhere, autocomplete people (with faces)

Tool & process improvements

  • community for design discussion?
  • omnigraffle stencils for awpy
  • visualization tool for progress on a feature over time: treadmill
  • HTML bugmail / new bugzilla theme