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Please complete the Security Review Template for your feature before your scheduled review. For small features immediately after the Firefox or Platform meetings works well. For larger chunks we should schedule them for a longer timeslot, please add that time in the date column (use Mountain View time (Pacific)).

Pending Reviews

Firefox 3.5 has shipped, pending reviews have moved to a Firefox 3.6 page.

feature review date who interested
native JSON Unscheduled sayre

Completed Reviews

feature review date who review comments
HTML5 PushState API 2009-08-27 Justin Lebar sicking
Geolocation 2008-Nov-3 Dougt comments
Viewport Tag Parsing 2008-Aug-13 bholley comments
border-image 2008-Aug-20 rarnold done
CSS transforms 2008-Aug-20 keith comments
new drop of pixman/cairo, need audit? 2008-Aug-20 vlad comments
Selectors API 2008-Aug-27 bzbarsky comments
XS-XHR 2008-Sep-3 sicking comments
SMIL 2008-Sep-03 dholbert / roc comments
Offline storage 2008-Sep-8 dcamp comments
SVG CSS 2008-Sep-18 roc comments
media queries 2008-Sep-22 dbaron comments
External SVG references 2008-Sep-24 bzbarsky comments
Worker Threads 2008-Sep-30 bent comments
XHR progress events 2008-10-07 smaug comments
new sqlite drop 2008-10-22 sdwilsh comments
about-certerror 2008-10-28 johnath comments
mozStorage async API 2008-10-28 sdwilsh done
Downloadable Fonts 2008-10-29 jdaggett comments
<video> 2008-Nov-10 chrisd comments
Server-Sent DOM Events 2008-Nov-13 Wellington Fernando de Macedo comments
about:sessionrestore 2008-Dec-2 zeniko comments
view-source linkification 2008-Dec-3 Curtis Bartley comments
blocklist enhancements 2008-Dec-8 Mossop comments
Private Browsing 2008-Dec-10 ehsan, mconnor comments
HTML5 drag-drop 2008-Dec-11 Neil Deakin comments
JS Tracing and other perf refactoring 2009-Jan-13 Andreas Gal comments
localStorage 2008-3-24 honzab, dcamp comments
HTML5 File API 2009-08-25 Matin Movassate comments
about:crashes resubmission 2009-08-26 Ted Mielczarek comments
elliptical border-radius not needed zweinberg
about:rights not needed
Clear Recent History not needed