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Welcome to the Firefox OS Community Engagement Program wiki.
The program aims to empower and support volunteer Mozillians to launch Firefox OS in their region/locale, and beyond that to provide a set of tools for all Mozillians to be champions of Firefox OS.


Community is crucial to the launch of Firefox OS. Aside from the roles volunteers have in writing code and localizing, Mozilla has launched the Firefox OS Community Marketing initiative which can be loosely split into two sections:

  1. Launch Teams - This is a group of roughly six individuals in each country that Firefox OS is being released that will help bring the phone to market
  2. Mobilizers - Mobilizers are teams of Firefox fans (may or may not be Mozillians) who want to help with launch parties, events, social media campaigns. They also will be Firefox OS advocates in their communities (so they can tell their friends and family about Firefox OS and why it's amazing)
  3. Events - Events are an integral part of launching Firefox OS. Find out what type of events the community can run or participate in