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The core launch team helps bring Firefox OS to market in their country by taking on a number of responsibilities. All team members will receive training on how to do these activities and a great deal of support from the Mozilla Engagement team throughout the launch period. All team members will earn badges, receive recognition and reward for this participation.


Team Lead

Main liaison, may participate in sales training, local insights

  • Will be the main contact with the Mozilla Engagement team
  • Will need to communicate with their core team members
  • Will lead organization efforts with their core team

Communications Lead

  • Will work closely with the Mozilla PR team and local agencies
  • Will be media trained so that they can answer some press questions at launch events (be a -PR contact when an event happens that gains earned media)


  • Will help educate local OB staff on Firefox OS phones
  • May have the opportunity to travel to different cities in the country to visit stores to teach them about Firefox OS and Mozilla. The goal here is to share knowledge and skills to the store staff so they can sell Firefox OS phones.
  • The Engagement team will make sure that Trainers are taught how to do these trainings at Firefox OS engagement camps and that the Trainers have all the materials they need to do this.

Marketing Lead

Leads the Mobilizers*, hosting the launch parties, etc

  • Mobilizers are teams of Firefox fans (may or may not be Mozillians) who want to help with launch parties, events, social media campaigns. They also will be Firefox OS advocates in ther communities (so they can tell their friends and family about Firefox OS and why it's amazing). The Engagement team will make sure the Mobilizer leads have all the materials they need to keep Mobilizers informed.
  • The Mobilizer lead will help organize the Mobilizers (likely through a Facebook page), organize events or promotional stunts (with lots of help from Engagement staff)
  • Will reward mobilizers for participation in activities

Developer Lead

Keep connected to evangelism efforts and scout for good local apps for the marketplace.

  • Will need to stay up-to-date on Developer events and opportunities so that they can connect prospective development contributors or app developers to current development activities.
  • Also needs to keep the rest of the core team up to date on technical developments (along with PMM)

Social Media Lead

Leading the local social story in liaison with user engagement team

  • Will need to work with the Engagement Team social media manager and content manager to localize and push social content
  • Will need to provide local insights to the core team and Engagement team about which social networks to use and how they can be integrated into the global Social Media campaign for Firefox OS