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First Launch 
Milliseconds elapsed from the user-initiated launch of a not-already-in-memory app to the stable display of that app and its visible content. These timings are captured to the moz-app-visually-complete event documented on MDN.
First Launch Memory 
Maximum bytes of RAM used by an application after completing its First Launch.
Reference Workload 
A standardized collection of application data preloaded before the test is run.

Note: All measurements are the median results calculated from multiple iterations of relevant tests. For example, Datazilla's App Launch values are calculated from 30 such iterations.

Reference Devices

Application cold launch

FxOS 2.5

  • Reference Device: Flame-KK 319MB and Aries-KK
  • Reference Workload: Light
Application First Launch Regression Nominated
Calendar 1150 ms Bug 1181019
Camera 1550 ms
Clock 1000 ms Bug 1181021
Contacts 1000 ms
Dialer 1000 ms
Email 1000 ms
FM Radio 1000 ms
Gallery 1000 ms
Music 1000 ms
Settings 2600 ms Bug 1181023
SMS 1200 ms Bug 1181017
Video 1000 ms

NOTE: These apps have been instrumented to emit events that support timing their launch states.

FxOS 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

  • Reference Device: Flame 319MB
  • Reference Workload: Light
  • For Camera App, as discussed with the PM, the performance boundary will be based on the average of 3 performance runs done in Oct 2nd, 21st, and 30th. If the number regresses more than 100ms from the criteria, it will be considered as a regression.
Application FxOS 2.2 FxOS 2.1 FxOS 2.0
Calendar 1150 ms 1150 ms 1000 ms
Camera 1550 ms 1550 ms 1000 ms
Clock 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
Contacts 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
Cost Control 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
Dialer 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
Email 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
FM Radio 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
Gallery 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
Homescreen 1000 ms 1000 ms
Marketplace 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms
Music 1000 ms 1000 ms
Settings 2600 ms 2600 ms 1000 ms
SMS 1200 ms 1200 ms 1000 ms
Video 1000 ms 1000 ms 1000 ms

FxOS 1.4

  • Reference Device: Buri/Hamachi
  • Reference Workload: Medium
Application First Launch
Browser No regression since 1.3
Camera No regression since 1.3
Contacts No regression since 1.3
Dialer No regression since 1.3
Email No regression since 1.3
Gallery No regression since 1.3
Marketplace No regression since 1.3
Settings No regression since 1.3
SMS No regression since 1.3

FxOS 1.3T

  • Reference Device: Tarako

Acceptance for 1.3T will be determined by reviewing final performance results which will include cold launch time.

Memory Usage

Power Consumption

MTBF (Mean time between failures)