Firefox OS/TPETeams/2014-09-17

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Taipei Teams

Bugs and features status

Cowork with other teams

  • To reserve 50% resource for devices team.
  • The information for the bugs coming from devices team.
    • Priority/Critical level
    • To be landed on which device branch?
    • Landing in master first, then in devices branch(?)
      • Open another bug if we need to have a workaround first.
    • STR, log, and reproduce rate.
  • Unclear working model between OS and device team?
    • To have wiki page for all working model procedures.
  • If you have critical issues needing help from platform team, please let EPM know.
    • EPM will highlight this to the manager of platform team.


  • Improvement activities from 11/24 to 12/31.
    • We need to have a plan during this period.
    • Let's lock down our plan before 10/1.
  • To have Gaia inbound, which is going to be discussed at 7 am on next Tuesday morning.
  • Question
    • To have Release engineer to help uplifting, TPBL, and so on.