Firefox OS/TPETeams/2014-10-08

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Taipei Teams

Bugs and features status


  • Improvement activities from 11/24 to 12/31.
    • We need to have a plan during this period.
      • Features planning.
    • Please provide what you want to do before 10/15
  • How to handle MTBF bugs and Stability bugs without assignee.
    1. QA/RM/PM assign the bug to a assignee(or ni?).
    2. If the assignee of this bug think this bug isn't assigned to him, he need to find out who is the next assignee(or ni?).


  • TaskTracer
  • Memory Profiler
  • Nuwa works for PreloadSlowThing


  1. To have quality plans - 10/?
  2. To check if your team could have a free-agent - 11/21