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Taipei Teams

Bugs and features status


The plans of performance team

  • TaskTracer
  • Memory Profiler
  • Nuwa works for PreloadSlowThing

The plans of telephony platform team

  • Cowork with CAF on refining ril internal interfaces (needs to be done months before v2.2 FL)
    • Bug 1047203 - [meta][B2G][Telephony] v2.2 P1 items - define valid values and strict data types in idl interfaces
    • Bug 1079723 - [meta][B2G][Telephony] v2.2 P1 items - create Proxy to communicate b/w telephony modules and rest of gecko

The plans of Peripherals team

  • Bluetooth
    • Implementation of BLE GATT API (bug 872460)
    • Move Bluedroid to a separate process (bug 1005934)
    • Increase test coverage of Bluetooth module
  • Device Storage
    • MTP bug fixing and stability improvement (e.g. bug 1037680)
    • Start to work on "App on SD card" (planned 2.2 feature)

The plans of Connectivity team

  • RTSP
    • Test framework for RTSP(p1)
    • Move RTSP stack from chrome process to content process(if p1 is finished)
  • Wifi
    • Support privilege WiFi APIs(Bug 934292)
  • NFC
    • Support privilege NFC APIs(Bug 1042851)

The plans of graphic team

  • Project Silk
    • Performance measurement
  • Copy-Paste
    • Bug fixing for editable content
    • Try to enable non-editable content

The plans of multimedia team

Plan for Gaia (system platform) team

  • System
    • Continue system2 refactor
    • Continue lockscreen.js refactor
    • Audio channel service in gaia(audio competing)
  • Keyboard & Input Mgmt
    • Convert input mgmt to use AppWindow
    • refactor View controller part of the keyboard app
  • Device support
    • Gaia::Bluetooth support Bluetooth API v2.0(Bluetooth/Settings/System apps)
  • Settings App:
    • Inline activity
    • Panel refactor
      • Cellular & data panel
      • Call panel
      • sound panel
    • Performance improvement
    • Settings dialog


  • Tony's visit.
  • Lower down the number of failed smoke test cases.
  • 2.2 schedule update.

Q & A

  • The priority to work with device team about non-phone device
  • Portland workweek meeting room, topics arrangement.