Firefox OS/TPETeams/2014-12-17

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Discussion Topics

  • New 2.2 schedule
    • It is the same as original schedule of 2.2. But we will use aurora after 1/12 and branch 2.2 on 2/23.
  • The priority of tasks
    • V2.2 > Stability, Performance, and Platform works > V3 ideation.
    • Please check Dr. Li's email,*FxOS v3: Mission, Vision, Goals, and Strategies*, to learn more.
  • Sheriffs for 2.2.
    • Gaia: Tim and Evelyn
    • Gecko: Discussing today.
  • Test Cases again...
    • Do we have enough test cases now? If no, what is our next step? Should we set a implementation target before end/March.
      • [hsinyi] Bug 1111495 - [meta] improve development experience for gaia application and ui tests on telephony/network features (emulator performance? Thomas Zimmerman?)
  • Platform works/Refactoring.
    • Having a plan?
      • [pchang]CopyPasteCaret refactoring