Firefox OS/TPETeams/2015-02-04

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Discussion Topics

  • 2.2 Features.
    • Difficulties?
  • Task Forces
    • To improve threading mechanism of firefox OS (Quadcore/8core). Leader: Thinker.
    • To improve test framework for firefox OS. Leader: Hsinyi.
    • To support the webapi for what Gaia dev request. Leader: Tim.
  • Feedback from Teams
    • To gets team feedback for having technical doc introduction for newbii,
    • To know how to improve themselves.
    • Job rotations.
      • Identify the tasks which can be taken by other team.
      • Clear working plan, Documents, Enough information.
      • Specify a mentor/mentors.
    • Study groups.
  • Others
    • Why 天成?
    • Team building. (3/??).