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The Project

  • The tarako project is to bring up a new platform
  • The major work will be on the optimization of Firefox OS running on a 128MB platform

Key stakeholders

  • TAM: Steven Yang
  • EPM: Joe Cheng
  • PM: Marvin Khoo
  • QA: Brian Huang
  • Gaia: Tim Chien
  • 128MB RAM optimization: Thinker Lee, Fabrice Desré
  • Task force for partner facing issues: Thomas Tsai, Shawn Ku, Viral Wang, Evelyn Hung

Tarako landing

  • Branch (1.3T):
  • Blocking-flag:
    • 1.3T?/1.3T+
      • To nominate a bug for Tarako, please use 1.3T?
  • Builds/Tests:
    • to be set up
  • Landing (Flags and Whiteboard):
    • 1.3T+, land on
      • M-C/Master
      • 1.3T branch (by partner)
    • 1.3+, land on
      • M-C/Master
      • 1.3 branch
      • 1.3T branch (by partner)
    • 1.3T+ with [tarako_only] on whiteboard - limit to pref-able features
      • 1.3T branch (by partner)
    • no blocking flag and [Tarako] in whiteboard (only needed in master but we want to track it so all future 128MB devices can work)
      • M-C/Master
    • Tracking flag: "status-b2g-v1.3T" is used to confirm the status of landing on Tarako branch

Bug queries

Triage times

  • Everyday 4pm Asia / 9am CET

Flashing Builds

Tarako meetup

Status from teams


  • Browser - no need to limit the tabs
  • Usage app - make it system app
  • Task Manager - Card view, show App icon, screen shot is not required.
  • Minimum acceptable user scenario


  • 1/28
    • bug 962444 -- Need to evaluate and assign work to put Usage warning code to System app -- Tzu-lin (pending)
      • Joe to work with TEF to see if they could v1.3t+ bug 858017, as the proper fix.
    • No bug (related to bug 961348) -- Investigate screenshot timing for cards view, and allow fallback to icon splash if needed -- Alive, Tim, Thinker
      • bug 962987 - [tarako] Move screenshoting to before closing animation and use cache in cardview if there is (Thinker to feedback)
    • bug 963447 -- understanding APN xml file loading timing and save some memory
      • Tzu-Lin have verified JSON is loaded in both System and Settings. Pending.
    • bug 958440 -- Convert locales-obj to typed array -- had addressed reviewer's comments, and trying to fix travis errors. Will submit my second patch and memory/launch-time report today.
    • bug 959667 -- Remove original JavaScript and locales files when those has been aggregated into a big file by the build system -- Patch available from Yuren for v1.4. Thomas Tsai to evaluate if we need this for v1.3
    • No bug -- evaluate memory impact of re-enable word suggestions on Taraku after mmap file ready -- WHO?
    • bug 957497 -- Allow include of uncompressed data files in the package apps -- WIP Yuren (with Shain-yow) -- Gaia patch to land on master.





Bugs dashboard

ID Summary Assigned to Whiteboard Target milestone Status Resolution Blocking b2g
949779 Modify the SMS app to use the new downsample-and-decode image feature when resizing images Steve Chung [:steveck] (schung) [SI-testing-blocker] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
967581 [b2g][tarako] keyboard audio is delayed or missing on tarako Dafeng Xu (Dafeng.Xu) [c=effect p= s=2014.04.11 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker][POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
970759 [Tarako] SMS does not response after attaching a picture with size larger than 300K Steve Chung [:steveck] (schung) [SI-testing-blocker] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
972779 [Tarako] Saving picture after editing cause Gallery stop Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] (anygregor) [SI-testing-blocker],[systemsfe] 1.4 S3 (14mar) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
972790 [Tarako] slow response when typing in new message Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (rlu) [c=effect p= s=2014.03.14 u=] [SI-testing-blocker] 1.4 S3 (14mar) VERIFIED FIXED -
972803 [Tarako] slow response when end calls while music playing [c=progress p= s=2014.03.14 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker] 1.4 S3 (14mar) RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
983539 [tarako] When getting an incoming call, music comes out from headset for several seconds before ringtone when user is using BT headset to listen to music Xinhe Yan (xinhe.yan) [c=progress p= s=2014.03.28 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker][tarako_only][priority][POVB] 1.4 S4 (28mar) RESOLVED FIXED ---
983541 [tarako] music app was killed after keep MT call for over 30s with BT headset [SI-testing-blocker][priority] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+

8 Total; 0 Open (0%); 7 Resolved (87.5%); 1 Verified (12.5%);

ID Summary Assigned to Whiteboard Target milestone Status Resolution Blocking b2g

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

ID Summary Assigned to Whiteboard Target milestone Status Resolution Blocking b2g

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

ID Summary Assigned to Whiteboard Target milestone Status Resolution Blocking b2g
929945 [META][Tarako] Enable 128RAM config Kai-Zhen Li [:kli][:seinlin] (kli) [tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
945174 [META] Evaluate zram performance and Bug 899493 Kai-Zhen Li [:kli][:seinlin] (kli) [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
947795 [meta] Tarako master meta bug [tarako] --- NEW ---
951343 [clock] Fix onring focus issues [tarako] --- NEW ---
958438 [Tarako][META] Product feature enhancement [tarako] --- NEW ---
964588 [META] Set up Tarako results on Datazilla [c=automation p= s= u=tarako] [tarako] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED ---
970708 setup reference-workload to use for tarako demonstrations Ben Kelly [:bkelly] (bkelly) [tarako_only][demo] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
971637 [Tarako] Support Geolocation (device has no GPS/A-GPS support) Doug Turner (:dougt) (dougt) [demo][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
975060 [B2G][Settings]SIM PIN successful change message briefly displays awkwardly on device dogfood1.4, [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
981578 [tarako]trout FM support Jesse (jesse.ji) [tarako_only], 1.3tarakorun1 --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
982382 Wlan IRQ process uses 5% of CPU while idle [tarako][POVB] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
982491 Group apps in activities chains in the same process Fabrice Desré [:fabrice] (fabrice) [tarako_only][priority] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
983022 [tarako]need minidump screen shot Vincent Liu[:vliu] (vliu) [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
983539 [tarako] When getting an incoming call, music comes out from headset for several seconds before ringtone when user is using BT headset to listen to music Xinhe Yan (xinhe.yan) [c=progress p= s=2014.03.28 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker][tarako_only][priority][POVB] 1.4 S4 (28mar) RESOLVED FIXED ---
987022 [Tarako] Keep music playing state in system app Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] (dkuo) [tarako_only][priority][c= p= s= u=] eta:4/11 --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
987038 [Tarako][V1.3T] All WIFI signals are full Xinhe Yan (xinhe.yan) 1.3tarakorun1, [tarako_only] [POVB] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
987312 Remove /system/usr/icu/icudt46l.dat from builds ying.xu (ying.xu) [tarako_only][sprd310832] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
988139 [b2g][tarako] In phone call, can't switch back to bt sco after switch to speaker Arthur Chen [:arthurcc] (arthur.chen) [tarako_only] 1.4 S5 (11apr) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
989268 [Tarako] Keyboard settings configuration Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (rlu) 1.3tarakorun1,[FT:System-Platform][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
989290 [Tarako][dolphin] The Image rotated 90 degree after select a captured portrait image from Camera David Flanagan [:djf] (dflanagan) [sprd264831] [partner-blocker][tarako_only][sprd318193 ] 2.0 S1 (9may) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
989600 [Tarako] Message app MUST save draft when killed by LMK Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] (PTO May 1st) (felash) [partner-blocker][sprd294824][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
989913 [Tarako][FM][AudioChannel] No sound from the earphone, BT headset or phone after answering incoming call and FM app gets killed Jesse (jesse.ji) [POVB][depend992478][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
991379 [B2G][Tarako][Notifications] Notification menu bar can be difficult to pull down [tarako-exploratory] [c= p= s= u=tarako] --- NEW ---
991382 [B2G][Tarako] Cost Control bar in notification doesn't update info after switch off airplane mode [tarako-exploratory] --- REOPENED ---
991387 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] Importing an email account with less contacts than what is on the phone shows a negative number [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
991395 [B2G][Tarako][Alarms] The numbers and text in a newly created alarm appear fuzzy and blurry [tarako-exploratory] [good first bug] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991403 [B2G][Tarako][Passcode] No indication of moving to next line or 'create' button readiness [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
991406 [B2G][Tarako][Passcode] Enabling or disabling the passcode lock causes a crash [tarako-exploratory][b2g-crash], 1.3tarakorun2 --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991627 [Tarako] Remove Keyboard settings and dictionaries Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (rlu) 1.3tarakorun1,[FT:System-Platform][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
991748 [B2G][Tarako] When on a webpage user is unable to load a webpage selected from'Top sites', 'Bookmarks', and 'History' [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991803 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts]Text field does not display keyboard input after attaching image to contact from camera Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (rlu) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991805 [B2G][Tarako]Scrolling the songs list causes the song icons to shift to the left [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991831 [B2G][Tarako][Cost Control] The data usage bar in the notifications pull-down menu loads in slowly Marina Rodríguez [:mai] (marina.rodrigueziglesias) [c=handeye p= s=2014.04.25 u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
991838 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] Camera picture attachment is incorrectly rotated when adding picture to contact [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991869 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] Cannot delete contact's information in edit mode [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
991873 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer] With dual sims there is no way to tell which phone number an incoming call is for [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991886 [B2G][Tarako][Browser] Sharing a webpage results in the user momentarily seeing a 'compose' email screen [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
991897 [B2G][Tarako][Browser] Adding a webpage to the homescreen is not functioning correctly Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) (crdlc) [tarako-exploratory], OOM, [systemsfe], 1.3tarakorun2 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
991909 [B2G][Tarako][Bluetooth] There is no notification on the receiving device if the sending device cancels a file transfer via bluetooth [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991913 [B2G][Tarako][Camera] Some icons become unresponsive in "Camera" app [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991917 [B2G][Tarako][System - Notifications] The usage limit bar overlaps the right arrow (usage settings) icon to the right of it. [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
991946 [B2G][Tarako][] Scrolling the History section of the search bar will cause the homepage screen to scroll. [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
991967 [B2G][Tarako][Gallery] There is no back arrow when playing a video from the gallery [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
992120 [Tarako][Contact] Pressing "Home" button will discard the contact info when creating new contact/editing an existed contact Sergi Mansilla [:sergi] (Telenor) [PTO] (sergi.mansilla) OOM[sprd294848][partner-blocker][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
992150 [Tarako][Settings] Settings has a really slow response when restart it after being killed Kai-Zhen Li [:kli][:seinlin] (kli) [c=handeye p= s= u=tarako][tarako_only][sprd300264] 2.0 S1 (9may) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
992338 [B2G][Tarako][] The first Bengali keyboard is not working correctly in the search bar Luke Chang [:lchang] (lchang) [tarako-exploratory] eta: 4/11 --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992346 [B2G][Tarako][Keyboard] Keyboard appears with delay after device is restarted Jan Jongboom [:janjongboom] (Telenor) (janjongboom) [c=effect p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992361 [B2G][Tarako][FM Radio] Music does not unmute after completing a phone call. [tarako-exploratory], OOM --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
992379 [B2G][Tarako][] The user is unable to add a 'custom' smart collection to the home screen if it was been killed once. Fabrice Desré [:fabrice] (fabrice) [tarako-exploratory][priority] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992399 [B2G][Tarako][Passcode][Dialer] Empty home screen opens when trying to dial non-emergency number from locked screen Greg Weng [:snowmantw][:gweng][:λ] (gweng) [tarako-exploratory][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992403 [B2G][Contacts] Contacts with only a phone number appear randomized Germán Toro del Valle (:gtorodelvalle) (gtorodelvalle) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
992418 [B2G][Passcode] Passcode field stays empty when tapping a passcode quickly with two fingers [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
992440 [B2G][Browser] Browser tabs show a dead page thumbnail [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
992445 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] FB page takes long take to refresh [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
992749 [Window management] Prevent homescreen being restarted again and again while call coming. Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (slow response; please ni? to queue) (timdream) [priority][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992752 [tarako] In consecutive app launches, second one needs to wait until the delayed preallocated process Cervantes Yu (cyu) [c=progress p= s=2014.04.25 u=tarako], [tarako_only] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992853 1.3T DEBUG build unable to fork any process Cervantes Yu (cyu) [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
993549 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Powersave] Power Save Mode becomes disabled when the current battery level percentage increases during charging. [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
994015 [tarako]some mp4 video plays not smoothly Ming ( [tarako_only] mozilla31 RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
994493 Remove the usage widget for Tarako in the notification tray Fred Lin [:gasolin] (gasolin) [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX 1.3T+
994985 All Tarako builds are userdebug, not user or eng Vincent Liu[:vliu] (vliu) [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
995303 [Tarako] Camera cold launch from lock screen is too long: 2.9 seconds [c=progress p= s= u=tarako][sprd307067][tarako_only] --- ASSIGNED ---
995479 [B2G][Tarako][Browser]Browsing resource heavy webpages makes the Tarako unresponsive and may result in a "this is embarassing" error message. [tarako-exploratory], 1.3tarakorun2, OOM --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
996709 [B2G][Tarako][Email] The selection highlighting on the drawer icon remains on after closing the drawer. [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
997453 [B2G][Tarako][Email] The X at the end of text fields (to clear the field) has difficulty detecting presses / taps. [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
998044 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]Speakerphone and Mute buttons do not work Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) (etienne) [sprd302711][partner-blocker][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
998086 [B2G][Tarako][Gallery] The X in the upper left corner of the multi-edit screen highlights with a blue box insconsistently. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW -
998087 [Tarako] cut the rope opens up in the wrong orientation and is stuck that way [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998088 [Tarako] after copying large image copied to DCIM folder, Gallery app does not show preview of file [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
998093 [B2G][Tarako][Gaia::Homescreen] download/install spinner is offset on homescreen during download/install [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] DUPEME, [ft:systemsfe], [priority] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998095 [Tarako] Editing image size of ~400K causes Gallery app to crash David Flanagan [:djf] (dflanagan) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998099 Disable the PDF viewer on Tarako Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (slow response; please ni? to queue) (timdream) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998100 [Tarako][Sound] Keypad sound and sound for keyboard UX and disabled settings confusing Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] (dkuo) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] [p=1] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998110 [Tarako] Pressing the home button while music is playing stops playing music momentarily [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
998114 [B2G] [Tarako] [Browser] Attempting to access the help page while is on another tab crashes the device [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T], LMK --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998116 [Tarako][B2G][Clock]The audio from a timer only plays once when the timer reaches 0. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
998118 [Tarako] launching a simple geolocation page in another tab will show the sad face in the tabs Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) (dale) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T],[systemsfe] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998122 [Tarako][Settings][Screenreader] with screen reader on double tap is not always responsive [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998133 [Tarako] After signing in, fails to load [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998136 [B2G][Tarako][general] - An error message "Operator message, Sending message" can be randomly encountered while using the Tarako. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
998142 [B2G][Tarako][Notifications][Dialer] The missed calls in the Status Bar will diasappear when opening the dialer application [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
998143 [B2G] [Tarako] [Clock] Stopwatch times appear to vibrate while active [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998145 [Tarako] Panning up and down on facebook feed causes facebook app to crash Colby Rabideau (colby) [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T], LMK [NPOTB] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998147 [Dialer] A Missed Call notification is given when chosing to hang up on an incoming call Tamara Hills [:thills] (thills) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][planned-sprint][in-sprint=v2.0-S6] 2.1 S1 (1aug) VERIFIED FIXED 2.0+
998148 [Tarako] Timer will never ring if it gets OOM killed in the background [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998149 [B2G][Tarako]Accessing Video app via Share activity does not provide a back button if sd card is empty/missing [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998150 [Tarako][Dialer]Connect headset, cannot hear complete speak out sentence from Tarako to MT sam.hua (sam.hua) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][POVB][sprd292039] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998152 [Tarako] going to browser settings and then going back can show a "This is embarassing" page Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) (dale) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998154 [Tarako] Loudspeakers not working when placing a call [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
998159 [Tarako][Audio]No system audio channel [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
998161 [Tarako] email hang with large amount of emails [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998165 [Tarako] Incoming phone call will make the web browser page show the "This is embarassing" page [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME -
998208 [Tarako][V1.3T] Device cannot find the available WIFI network [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- VERIFIED DUPLICATE ---
998213 [Tarako][Keyboard] Unable to input keys after doing some steps Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (rlu) [sprd299702][tarako_only] [partner-blocker] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
998384 [B2G][Tarako][Homescreen]Intermittent animation disturbance when user closes App after tapping Homescreen button on device [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
998395 [Tarako][email] OOM death/email killed from message scrolling with snippet fetching at a message density of 166 messages/day Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (bugmail) [tarako_only][c= p=1] 2.0 S1 (9may) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
998408 [tarako] sending a large email can cause the email app to get killed Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (bugmail) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][partner-blocker][sprd308061] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED WORKSFORME -
998413 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]SIM 1 PIN or SIM 2 PIN illuminates when selected although not a valid option within SIM security [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
998415 [Tarako] Long pause between keypress and sound [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998418 [Tarako] sending spinner did not load [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- REOPENED ---
998419 [B2G][Clock]When lap times are added up it does not equal the total elapsed time on the stopwatch [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
998420 [Tarako] while resending an mms, keyboard pressed were not changing the value of the input [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- UNCONFIRMED ---
998421 [Tarako] Picture not saved [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] DUPEME --- NEW ---
998423 [Tarako] Touching an image after taking it causes a black bar to scroll from the top, it has no content. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998424 [Tarako] Not displaying thumbnail of relatively large image 15.8 MB jpg [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
998425 [Tarako] Wifi not remembered after reboot [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998429 [Tarako] USB storage errors in OSX [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998430 [Tarako] Sending and email crashes the app. Email not listed under sent, but was received. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998432 [Tarako] Email crashes on launch occasionally [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998433 [Tarako] Marketplace Canceling an install takes a very long time to change the Free button from a spinner back to free [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
998434 [Tarako] Banding across the radio station frequency. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998435 [Clock] No way to stop Timer alarm [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998437 [B2G] [Tarako] [Browser] Cannot load YouTube comment sections on video pages Donovan Preston [:fzzzy] (dpreston) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998447 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]Passcode lock screen loads unexpectedly [tarako-exploratory] [perf-reviewed] --- NEW ---
998450 [JavaScript Error: "Content Security Policy: Can't use 'self' if self data is not provided"] when starting video [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
998452 [Tarako] Soundcloud playing audio crashes app other [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998453 [Tarako] Music keeps playing in background after killing music app (home long press, flick) ocassionally [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998455 [Tarako] Twitter [c=memory p= s=2014.05.09.t u=tarako] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED INVALID ---
998457 [Tarako] Cut the rope [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P2] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
998493 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]Fast scrolling Settings list of options and tapping an option illuminates the option but doesn't open it [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
998498 [B2G] [Browser] Camera placeholder icons do not line up with video suggestions Donovan Preston [:fzzzy] (dpreston) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998506 [B2G][E-Mail][Tarako]When the user cancels setting up e-mail they are still brought to the set up page [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
998525 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Adding Yahoo Account and afterward attempting adding a Google account briefly displays Yahoo Account login screen [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999017 [B2G][Tarako][Clock]Adding alarm demonstrates user interface transition problem when created on device [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
999070 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Cellular & Data]Device caching Connected status in Network operator menu while Data Connection is disabled [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999096 [B2G][Gallery] Cropping tool is very small and present without a picture [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999122 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Network Error Message appears unexpectedly and in an unexpected fashion when user attempts adding a CalDav account using specific steps [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999206 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]User ending outgoing call displays inconsistent messaging and behavior while intermittently generating unexpected tones [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
999224 [Tarako] Accelerometer not working in 3rd party apps [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- NEW ---
999388 [Wifi][tarako] CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING is not sent from gonk after close wpa_supplicant connection Jason.Liu (jason.liu) [tarako_only][partner-blocker][sprd305892][POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
999567 [B2G][Tarako][Music]Intermittent and unexpected illumination of user function controls (Play, Pause, etc.) within App when selected in a unique manner [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999601 [B2G] [Tarako] [Video] Listings page menu bar renders improperly when returning from a video after tapping the screen [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999648 [B2G][Tarako][Browser]Rendering issue with that demonstrates stuttering behavior in portrait mode only that resembles a bounce effect of the page [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999732 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Audio Reminder for Calendar Event demonstrates subtle but noticeable tone stutter on device [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999743 [B2G] [Tarako] [Video] Audio and video stutters when the screen is rapidly tapped [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
999844 [B2G] [Tarako] [Video] Share and Bluetooth pages load slowly while video is playing [c=effect p= s=2014.05.09.t u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
999953 [Tarako] Creating a good loading experience for home screen app Tzu-Lin Huang [:dwi2][:tzhuang] (tzhuang) [sprd295070][partner-blocker][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1000349 [B2G][Lockscreen] Tapping the home button on the lockscreen immediatley promts passcode [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1000356 [B2G][Tarako][Lockscreen]Status bar time (minutes) not consistently in sync with lockscreen time with SIM Card inserted and after battery reinserted in device [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1000418 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Add Event screen demonstrates bounce effect when selected by user for offline, CalDav, Yahoo, or Google Calendar [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1000438 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Accessing Remove Local Data Screen after accessing Calendar Homepage displays uncomfortable and unpleasant user interface [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1000518 [B2G][Settings] Wifi cannot obtain IP address or forget network Vincent Chang[:vchang] (vchang) [tarako-exploratory][ETA:4/30][depend on sprd305892][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
1000580 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Date & Time] Occasionally in the Date & Time settings, the 'Set Automatically" option is not present [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1000733 [Tarako] Disabling Screen Reader function from Dev menu Arthur Chen [:arthurcc] (arthur.chen) [tarako_only][ETA: 4/30][p=1] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1000987 [B2G][Tarako][Messaging][Video]User interface issue when attempting to add video attachment to SMS [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001036 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts][Gallery]User interface issue with Select option when attempting to add a picture to a new contact from Gallery [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001066 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts]Adding New Contact displays black square bar in place of pop up keyboard when user completes contact addition [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001107 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Bluetooth]Tapping the Bluetooth toggle button three times in succession intermittently does not function properly [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001132 [B2G][Tarako][] Games smart collection has an OOM crash [tarako-exploratory], LMK, [c=memory p= s= u=] [MemShrink:P2] --- NEW ---
1001189 [B2G][Camera][Gallery]While switching to Gallery from camera, the user can take a picture [tarako-exploratory] [perf-reviewed] --- NEW ---
1001200 [B2G][Tarako][Camera]Tapping Camera while not plugged in with USB cable displays contradictory message of Camera can not be used while plugged in [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1001217 [B2G][Tarako][Cost Control]Tapping settings (gear) icon illuminates but does not open appropriate screen when selected in unique manner [tarako-exploratory][NaBfT] --- NEW ---
1001403 [Dialer][RIL][V1.3T] Cannot receive an incoming call while you are using 2G data network Bruce Jiang (bruce.jiang) [POVB][tarako don't support DTM] --- NEW ---
1001455 Remove some gradients to save memory [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1001499 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] User can hit the "Link Contact" button even though there is no imported facebook contacts [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1001541 [B2G][Tarako][Email]Intermittent layer of black briefly displays after user taps and input text within a field and selects the manual setup link [c=progress p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001586 [B2G][Component][Tarako] When trying to access the Mozilla Public License the user experiences an OOM crash [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P3] [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001592 [B2G][Tarako]Unexpected sound heard during device boot up after restart or power off and turning phone on [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001616 [B2G][Settings][FDN] The user enters an infinte sending state when they dial a valid MMI code with FDN enabled [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1001626 [B2G][Tarako][E-mail]Auto-suggestion field not visible within inbox search mail area for IMAP+SMTP account [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
1001629 [Email] Closed notifications that launch the email app (because it was not running) will result in the app displaying a black screen until a notification is clicked or email activity is triggered James Burke [:jrburke] (jrburke) [tarako-exploratory] 2.1 S3 (29aug) RESOLVED FIXED 2.0+
1001658 [B2G][Tarako][SMS]The sending icon shows up as a black box [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1001690 [B2G][Tarako][FMRadio][Audio][Headphones]Lower volume levels not audible using headphones on device [tarako-exploratory][POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1001729 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]Calling a number not on the FDN whitelist results in an incorrect message Ming ( [tarako-exploratory][POVB] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1001742 [email/activesync] Body fetch map fail on some text/html messages (example is a message from twitter), which manifests as a load taking forever. [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1002805 [B2G][Tarako][]Creation of Custom Smart Collection intermittently displays homescreen in midst of creation process [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1002838 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]Manually dialing voicemail in a three way call freezes the phone [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
1002897 [Tarako] inproc music app Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] (dkuo) [tarako_only][sprd287908][partner-blocker] 2.0 S3 (6june) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
1003247 [B2G][SMS][Messaging] Not able to send MMS under AT&T network when WiFi and Data Connection are set to OFF. Bevis Tseng[:bevistseng][:btseng] (btseng) [tarako-exploratory][cert] 2.0 S2 (23may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3+
1003315 [B2G][Tarako]Twitter closes when composing a tweet [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P3] [tarako-exploratory], LMK [partner-blocker] --- NEW ---
1003317 [B2G][Tarako]Twitter closes when loading additional tweets. [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P2] [tarako-exploratory], LMK [partner-blocker] --- NEW ---
1003375 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]Fixed Dialing Numbers does not enable when SIM is inserted in SIM PIN 2 slot and enable is selected [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1003458 [B2G][Tarako]Facebook closes when loading additional posts to the feed Harald Kirschner :digitarald (hkirschner) [tarako-exploratory][MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=tarako] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
1003549 [B2G][Tarako][Homescreen]Websites added to homescreen before website fully loads displays a star icon longer than expected [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1003597 [B2G][Browser][Tarako] When accessing a website without wifi the user sees an incorrect error message Donovan Preston [:fzzzy] (dpreston) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1003600 [B2G][Tarako][]User can attempt to add a custom Smart Collection without a name [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1003645 [Tarako][FOTA] Need a setting for update from /sdcard Shiwei Zhang (shiwei.zhang) [tarako_only][partner-blocker] [POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1003648 [Tarako] Support install application to sdcard Jesse (jesse.ji) [tarako_only][sprd312386] --- ASSIGNED ---
1003912 [B2G][Tarako][Browser]Websites that load slowly drains device battery at alarming rate [c=power p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1003930 [B2G][Browser][Tarako] When adding a web page to the home screen the browser app experiences a pitfall [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1003992 [B2G][Tarako][Camera]Attempted attach camera image to Contacts causes Homescreen to appear unexpectedly [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1004146 new Tarako Marketplace Wil Clouser [:clouserw] (wclouser) [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1004300 [B2G][Tarako][Email][Camera]Poor device performance attempting to launch email and add camera app photo as attachment with low battery yiwen.liu [tarako-exploratory][POVB][c=progress p= s= u=tarako] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1004307 [B2G][E-mail] Hotmail displays incorrect attachment file sizes, until dowloaded [tarako-exploratory], OpenCrun1.4-3 --- NEW ---
1004326 [B2G][Tarako][Email]Electing to Save a contact results in a close of the Email app. [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P2] [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1004566 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Edit New Event displays intermittent and unexpected overlap of text – red Delete Event button is rolled up in view temporarily [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1004743 [B2G][Tarako][Clock]Long-press Pause/Resume button on active timer countdown and sliding downward on device for at least five seconds without lifting finger or Stylus causes button illumination and function not executed [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1004751 [B2G][Settings]Internet sharing page cannot be opened if the username or password has a " [tarako-exploratory], [2.0-flame-test-run-1] --- NEW ---
1005391 [B2G][Tarako][Camera]Taking a picture or video as a call comes in causes the device to become unresponsive [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
1005401 [B2G][Tarako][Gallery][Camera]Performance issues switching from Gallery to Camera in both landscape and portrait mode [tarako-exploratory][perf-reviewed] --- NEW ---
1005624 In setting->device information->more information->developer, If the checkbox of Enable hardware compo... is checked,setting activity will exit occasionally Shiwei Zhang (shiwei.zhang) [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1005787 Apps' iframe didn't remove after the apps were killed [sprd295140] [partner-blocker] [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1006193 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]Home Featured Apps are selectable for download when both Wi-Fi and Data Connection are off [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1006211 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]Card View for Youtube does not display icon image properly [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1006274 [tarako][perf] When hang up the phone, it takes time 3.5s, which costs 2s more than android Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) (etienne) [c=progress p= s= u=tarako] [sprd307322][partner-blocker][tarako_only][dolphin land] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1006281 [tarako]Camera app can't use internal storage when internal storage size is less than 5MB. Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc] (jdarcangelo) [tarako_only] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1006657 [B2G][Connect A2] Tapping on a contact in the ConnectA2 app will not respond properly [tarako-exploratory][sprd305567][partner-blocker] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1006803 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]Server-side error experience attempting to download App with Wi-Fi and/or Data Connection disabled [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1010434 NeckoParent matches a wrong app for the request of a new RemoteOpenFile. Jason Duell [:jduell] (needinfo? me) (jduell.mcbugs) [tarako_only] mozilla32 RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1011553 new marketplace package incoming; 20140520 Wil Clouser [:clouserw] (wclouser) [tarako_only] 2.0 S2 (23may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1014272 [tarako only] Run the homescreen in process Fabrice Desré [:fabrice] (fabrice) [sprd295070][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1015896 [tarako] unable to add new group call after Communication app is killed Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) (etienne) [sprd313255][tarako-only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.4?
1018384 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook][Camera]Performance issue attempting to exit Camera App while within Facebook with a previous photo from Gallery already added [c=effect p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1018457 [B2G][Marketplace] 'Open Browser' in Wikipedia app transition to the thumbnail page instead of the directed browser page [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1018485 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook][Camera]Performance issues attempting to Select Photo from Camera App while within Facebook [c=effect p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1018508 [B2G][Tarako]Photo images demonstrate pixel reduction issue when viewed from Call or Contacts log [tarako-exploratory] [2.0-flame-test-run-2] [2.0-flame-test-run-3] --- NEW ---
1018514 [B2G][Email][Tarako] User can not open attached music file [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
1019130 [B2G][Tarako][SMS]Blinking cursor doesn't appear until user interaction with To: field for New Message [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1019156 [B2G][Tarako][]History bar results not selectable Sherman Chen [:chens] (chens) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1019166 [B2G][E-Mail][Tarako] When attaching video from the e-mail, the video preview does not display [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1019296 [B2G][Tarako][Data Usage] User is not receiving the data usage alert ying.xu (ying.xu) [tarako-exploratory][sprd321606][POVB] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1019757 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts]Add New Contact transition screen not graceful [tarako-exploratory] --- REOPENED ---
1019808 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] Check-in using geolocation is not functioning [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1019832 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] Burmese is appearing as blocks [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1019854 [B2G][Tarako][Youtube]Illumination of selected category not uniform on Home Page [tarako-exploratory] --- REOPENED ---
1019961 [B2G][Tarako][Connect A2]Indefinite wait period following registration [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1019973 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] Receiving an incoming call while in the app will leave user on homescreen when ended [tarako-exploratory][MemShrink:P2] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1019977 [B2G][Tarako][Connect A2]Chats menu does not display in full within Landscape view [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1020001 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]User selection of either Terms of Use or Privacy Policy and return to Tarako Marketplace Home screen demonstrates non-graceful transition [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1020004 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] An image sent in messages or chat will extend beyond the user's field of vision Michael Ellis (mellis) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1020628 [B2G][Settings]Double tap left blue arrow in Keyboard Settings causes black screen to appear Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (slow response; please ni? to queue) (timdream) [tarako-exploratory] 2.0 S4 (20june) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1020647 [B2G][Tarako][Music] Music lags behind display after skipping to next song [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1020662 [B2G][Tarako][Music] Card viewer slides toward the wrong app [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1020689 [B2G][Tarako][Music] Taking a video while music is playing causes music to stop and not restart [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1021111 [B2G][Tarako][Call Waiting] No ringtone or alert occurs for another incoming call during an existing call Jason.Liu (jason.liu) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1021298 [B2G][Tarako][Audio Channel]Volume heard via Headphones is significantly quieter for same audio heard via Speaker on device Xinhe Yan (xinhe.yan) [tarako-exploratory][2.0-flame-test-run-2] --- NEW ---
1021341 [B2G][Tarako][Email] User will have to delete Gmail and Outlook accounts and sign them in again for emails to appear Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (bugmail) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1021414 [B2G][Tarako][PDF Viewer]Selecting PDF from Browser App attempts to load unsuccessfully Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (slow response; please ni? to queue) (timdream) [tarako-exploratory] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
1021881 [B2G][Tarako][Email] Message list's sender name may have very little whitespace between it and the message relative timestamp (ex: long name and long relative name of "a minute ago"). [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1021960 [B2G][Tarako][Email]Sync button animation displays as highlighted rotating rectangle when double tapped [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1021997 [B2G][Tarako][Card View] Slowly swiping card view of opened App displays dotted line to its left during swiping process [tarako-exploratory][perf-reviewed] --- NEW ---
1022019 [B2G][Tarako][Music]Ending incoming call without answering while Music App is playing causes 2-3 second delay from paused music to re-started music [perf-reviewed] [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1022944 [B2G][Clock][Alarm]Stopwatch timer briefly stalls when Alarm is about to begin [tarako-exploratory] --- NEW ---
1077286 [Philippines] Initiate New Market in the Firefox Marketplace Marketplace Program (marketplace-programs) [tarako_only] --- NEW ---

234 Total; 90 Open (38.46%); 129 Resolved (55.13%); 15 Verified (6.41%);