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The Project

  • The tarako project is to bring up a new platform
  • The major work will be on the optimization of Firefox OS running on a 128MB platform

Key stakeholders

  • TAM: Steven Yang
  • EPM: Joe Cheng
  • PM: Marvin Khoo
  • QA: Brian Huang
  • Gaia: Tim Chien
  • 128MB RAM optimization: Thinker Lee, Fabrice Desré
  • Task force for partner facing issues: Thomas Tsai, Shawn Ku, Viral Wang, Evelyn Hung

Tarako landing

  • Branch (1.3T):
  • Blocking-flag:
    • 1.3T?/1.3T+
      • To nominate a bug for Tarako, please use 1.3T?
  • Builds/Tests:
    • to be set up
  • Landing (Flags and Whiteboard):
    • 1.3T+, land on
      • M-C/Master
      • 1.3T branch (by partner)
    • 1.3+, land on
      • M-C/Master
      • 1.3 branch
      • 1.3T branch (by partner)
    • 1.3T+ with [tarako_only] on whiteboard - limit to pref-able features
      • 1.3T branch (by partner)
    • no blocking flag and [Tarako] in whiteboard (only needed in master but we want to track it so all future 128MB devices can work)
      • M-C/Master
    • Tracking flag: "status-b2g-v1.3T" is used to confirm the status of landing on Tarako branch

Bug queries

Triage times

  • Everyday 4pm Asia / 9am CET

Flashing Builds

Tarako meetup

Status from teams


  • Browser - no need to limit the tabs
  • Usage app - make it system app
  • Task Manager - Card view, show App icon, screen shot is not required.
  • Minimum acceptable user scenario


  • 1/28
    • bug 962444 -- Need to evaluate and assign work to put Usage warning code to System app -- Tzu-lin (pending)
      • Joe to work with TEF to see if they could v1.3t+ bug 858017, as the proper fix.
    • No bug (related to bug 961348) -- Investigate screenshot timing for cards view, and allow fallback to icon splash if needed -- Alive, Tim, Thinker
      • bug 962987 - [tarako] Move screenshoting to before closing animation and use cache in cardview if there is (Thinker to feedback)
    • bug 963447 -- understanding APN xml file loading timing and save some memory
      • Tzu-Lin have verified JSON is loaded in both System and Settings. Pending.
    • bug 958440 -- Convert locales-obj to typed array -- had addressed reviewer's comments, and trying to fix travis errors. Will submit my second patch and memory/launch-time report today.
    • bug 959667 -- Remove original JavaScript and locales files when those has been aggregated into a big file by the build system -- Patch available from Yuren for v1.4. Thomas Tsai to evaluate if we need this for v1.3
    • No bug -- evaluate memory impact of re-enable word suggestions on Taraku after mmap file ready -- WHO?
    • bug 957497 -- Allow include of uncompressed data files in the package apps -- WIP Yuren (with Shain-yow) -- Gaia patch to land on master.





Bugs dashboard

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Whiteboard Target milestone Status Resolution Blocking b2g
949779 Modify the SMS app to use the new downsample-and-decode image feature when resizing images Steve Chung [:steveck] [SI-testing-blocker] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
967581 [b2g][tarako] keyboard audio is delayed or missing on tarako Dafeng Xu [c=effect p= s=2014.04.11 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker][POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
970759 [Tarako] SMS does not response after attaching a picture with size larger than 300K Steve Chung [:steveck] [SI-testing-blocker] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
972779 [Tarako] Saving picture after editing cause Gallery stop Gregor Wagner [:gwagner] [SI-testing-blocker],[systemsfe] 1.4 S3 (14mar) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
972790 [Tarako] slow response when typing in new message Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) [c=effect p= s=2014.03.14 u=] [SI-testing-blocker] 1.4 S3 (14mar) VERIFIED FIXED -
972803 [Tarako] slow response when end calls while music playing [c=progress p= s=2014.03.14 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker] 1.4 S3 (14mar) RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
983539 [tarako] When getting an incoming call, music comes out from headset for several seconds before ringtone when user is using BT headset to listen to music Xinhe Yan [c=progress p= s=2014.03.28 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker][tarako_only][priority][POVB] 1.4 S4 (28mar) RESOLVED FIXED ---
983541 [tarako] music app was killed after keep MT call for over 30s with BT headset [SI-testing-blocker][priority] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+

8 Total; 0 Open (0%); 7 Resolved (87.5%); 1 Verified (12.5%);

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Full Query
ID Summary Assigned to Whiteboard Target milestone Status Resolution Blocking b2g
929945 [META][Tarako] Enable 128RAM config Kai-Zhen Li [:seinlin][:kli] [tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
945174 [META] Evaluate zram performance and Bug 899493 Kai-Zhen Li [:seinlin][:kli] [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
947795 [meta] Tarako master meta bug [tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
951343 [clock] Fix onring focus issues [tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
958438 [Tarako][META] Product feature enhancement [tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
964588 [META] Set up Tarako results on Datazilla [c=automation p= s= u=tarako] [tarako] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED ---
970708 setup reference-workload to use for tarako demonstrations Ben Kelly [:bkelly, not reviewing] [tarako_only][demo] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
971637 [Tarako] Support Geolocation (device has no GPS/A-GPS support) Doug Turner (:dougt) [demo][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
975060 [B2G][Settings]SIM PIN successful change message briefly displays awkwardly on device dogfood1.4, [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
981578 [tarako]trout FM support Jesse [tarako_only], 1.3tarakorun1 --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
982382 Wlan IRQ process uses 5% of CPU while idle [tarako][POVB] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
982491 Group apps in activities chains in the same process [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré [tarako_only][priority] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
983022 [tarako]need minidump screen shot Vincent Liu[:vliu] [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
983539 [tarako] When getting an incoming call, music comes out from headset for several seconds before ringtone when user is using BT headset to listen to music Xinhe Yan [c=progress p= s=2014.03.28 u=tarako] [SI-testing-blocker][tarako_only][priority][POVB] 1.4 S4 (28mar) RESOLVED FIXED ---
987022 [Tarako] Keep music playing state in system app Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [tarako_only][priority][c= p= s= u=] eta:4/11 --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
987038 [Tarako][V1.3T] All WIFI signals are full Xinhe Yan 1.3tarakorun1, [tarako_only] [POVB] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
987312 Remove /system/usr/icu/icudt46l.dat from builds ying.xu [tarako_only][sprd310832] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
988139 [b2g][tarako] In phone call, can't switch back to bt sco after switch to speaker Arthur Chen [:arthurcc][inactive after 6/30] [tarako_only] 1.4 S5 (11apr) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
989268 [Tarako] Keyboard settings configuration Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) 1.3tarakorun1,[FT:System-Platform][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
989290 [Tarako][dolphin] The Image rotated 90 degree after select a captured portrait image from Camera David Flanagan [:djf] [sprd264831] [partner-blocker][tarako_only][sprd318193 ] 2.0 S1 (9may) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
989600 [Tarako] Message app MUST save draft when killed by LMK Julien Wajsberg [:julienw] [partner-blocker][sprd294824][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
989913 [Tarako][FM][AudioChannel] No sound from the earphone, BT headset or phone after answering incoming call and FM app gets killed Jesse [POVB][depend992478][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
991379 [B2G][Tarako][Notifications] Notification menu bar can be difficult to pull down [tarako-exploratory] [c= p= s= u=tarako] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
991382 [B2G][Tarako] Cost Control bar in notification doesn't update info after switch off airplane mode [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
991387 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] Importing an email account with less contacts than what is on the phone shows a negative number [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
991395 [B2G][Tarako][Alarms] The numbers and text in a newly created alarm appear fuzzy and blurry [tarako-exploratory] [good first bug] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991403 [B2G][Tarako][Passcode] No indication of moving to next line or 'create' button readiness [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
991406 [B2G][Tarako][Passcode] Enabling or disabling the passcode lock causes a crash [tarako-exploratory][b2g-crash], 1.3tarakorun2 --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991627 [Tarako] Remove Keyboard settings and dictionaries Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) 1.3tarakorun1,[FT:System-Platform][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
991748 [B2G][Tarako] When on a webpage user is unable to load a webpage selected from'Top sites', 'Bookmarks', and 'History' [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991803 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts]Text field does not display keyboard input after attaching image to contact from camera Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991805 [B2G][Tarako]Scrolling the songs list causes the song icons to shift to the left [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991831 [B2G][Tarako][Cost Control] The data usage bar in the notifications pull-down menu loads in slowly Marina Rodríguez [:mai] [c=handeye p= s=2014.04.25 u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
991838 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] Camera picture attachment is incorrectly rotated when adding picture to contact [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991869 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] Cannot delete contact's information in edit mode [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
991873 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer] With dual sims there is no way to tell which phone number an incoming call is for [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991886 [B2G][Tarako][Browser] Sharing a webpage results in the user momentarily seeing a 'compose' email screen [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
991897 [B2G][Tarako][Browser] Adding a webpage to the homescreen is not functioning correctly Cristian Rodriguez (:crdlc) [tarako-exploratory], OOM, [systemsfe], 1.3tarakorun2 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
991909 [B2G][Tarako][Bluetooth] There is no notification on the receiving device if the sending device cancels a file transfer via bluetooth [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991913 [B2G][Tarako][Camera] Some icons become unresponsive in "Camera" app [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
991917 [B2G][Tarako][System - Notifications] The usage limit bar overlaps the right arrow (usage settings) icon to the right of it. [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
991946 [B2G][Tarako][] Scrolling the History section of the search bar will cause the homepage screen to scroll. [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
991967 [B2G][Tarako][Gallery] There is no back arrow when playing a video from the gallery [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
992120 [Tarako][Contact] Pressing "Home" button will discard the contact info when creating new contact/editing an existed contact Sergi Mansilla [:sergi] (Telenor) [PTO] OOM[sprd294848][partner-blocker][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
992150 [Tarako][Settings] Settings has a really slow response when restart it after being killed Kai-Zhen Li [:seinlin][:kli] [c=handeye p= s= u=tarako][tarako_only][sprd300264] 2.0 S1 (9may) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
992338 [B2G][Tarako][] The first Bengali keyboard is not working correctly in the search bar Luke Chang [:lchang] (inactive) [tarako-exploratory] eta: 4/11 --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992346 [B2G][Tarako][Keyboard] Keyboard appears with delay after device is restarted Jan Jongboom [:janjongboom] (inactive) [c=effect p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992361 [B2G][Tarako][FM Radio] Music does not unmute after completing a phone call. [tarako-exploratory], OOM --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
992379 [B2G][Tarako][] The user is unable to add a 'custom' smart collection to the home screen if it was been killed once. [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré [tarako-exploratory][priority] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992399 [B2G][Tarako][Passcode][Dialer] Empty home screen opens when trying to dial non-emergency number from locked screen Greg Weng [:snowmantw][:gweng][:λ] [tarako-exploratory][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992403 [B2G][Contacts] Contacts with only a phone number appear randomized Germán Toro del Valle (:gtorodelvalle) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
992418 [B2G][Passcode] Passcode field stays empty when tapping a passcode quickly with two fingers [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
992440 [B2G][Browser] Browser tabs show a dead page thumbnail [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
992445 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] FB page takes long take to refresh [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
992749 [Window management] Prevent homescreen being restarted again and again while call coming. Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) [priority][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992752 [tarako] In consecutive app launches, second one needs to wait until the delayed preallocated process Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] [c=progress p= s=2014.04.25 u=tarako], [tarako_only] 1.4 S6 (25apr) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
992853 1.3T DEBUG build unable to fork any process Cervantes Yu [:cyu] [:cervantes] [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
993549 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Powersave] Power Save Mode becomes disabled when the current battery level percentage increases during charging. [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
994015 [tarako]some mp4 video plays not smoothly Ming [tarako_only] mozilla31 RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
994493 Remove the usage widget for Tarako in the notification tray [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX 1.3T+
994985 All Tarako builds are userdebug, not user or eng Vincent Liu[:vliu] [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
995303 [Tarako] Camera cold launch from lock screen is too long: 2.9 seconds [c=progress p= s= u=tarako][sprd307067][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
995479 [B2G][Tarako][Browser]Browsing resource heavy webpages makes the Tarako unresponsive and may result in a "this is embarassing" error message. [tarako-exploratory], 1.3tarakorun2, OOM --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
996709 [B2G][Tarako][Email] The selection highlighting on the drawer icon remains on after closing the drawer. [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
997453 [B2G][Tarako][Email] The X at the end of text fields (to clear the field) has difficulty detecting presses / taps. [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998044 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]Speakerphone and Mute buttons do not work Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) [sprd302711][partner-blocker][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
998086 [B2G][Tarako][Gallery] The X in the upper left corner of the multi-edit screen highlights with a blue box insconsistently. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX -
998087 [Tarako] cut the rope opens up in the wrong orientation and is stuck that way [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998088 [Tarako] after copying large image copied to DCIM folder, Gallery app does not show preview of file [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998093 [B2G][Tarako][Gaia::Homescreen] download/install spinner is offset on homescreen during download/install [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] DUPEME, [ft:systemsfe], [priority] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998095 [Tarako] Editing image size of ~400K causes Gallery app to crash David Flanagan [:djf] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998099 Disable the PDF viewer on Tarako Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998100 [Tarako][Sound] Keypad sound and sound for keyboard UX and disabled settings confusing Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] [p=1] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998110 [Tarako] Pressing the home button while music is playing stops playing music momentarily [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
998114 [B2G] [Tarako] [Browser] Attempting to access the help page while is on another tab crashes the device [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T], LMK --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998116 [Tarako][B2G][Clock]The audio from a timer only plays once when the timer reaches 0. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998118 [Tarako] launching a simple geolocation page in another tab will show the sad face in the tabs Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T],[systemsfe] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998122 [Tarako][Settings][Screenreader] with screen reader on double tap is not always responsive [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998133 [Tarako] After signing in, fails to load [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998136 [B2G][Tarako][general] - An error message "Operator message, Sending message" can be randomly encountered while using the Tarako. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998142 [B2G][Tarako][Notifications][Dialer] The missed calls in the Status Bar will diasappear when opening the dialer application [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
998143 [B2G] [Tarako] [Clock] Stopwatch times appear to vibrate while active [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998145 [Tarako] Panning up and down on facebook feed causes facebook app to crash Colby Rabideau [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T], LMK [NPOTB] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998147 [Dialer] A Missed Call notification is given when chosing to hang up on an incoming call Tamara Hills [:thills] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][planned-sprint][in-sprint=v2.0-S6] 2.1 S1 (1aug) VERIFIED FIXED 2.0+
998148 [Tarako] Timer will never ring if it gets OOM killed in the background [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998149 [B2G][Tarako]Accessing Video app via Share activity does not provide a back button if sd card is empty/missing [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998150 [Tarako][Dialer]Connect headset, cannot hear complete speak out sentence from Tarako to MT sam.hua [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][POVB][sprd292039] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
998152 [Tarako] going to browser settings and then going back can show a "This is embarassing" page Dale Harvey (:daleharvey) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998154 [Tarako] Loudspeakers not working when placing a call [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
998159 [Tarako][Audio]No system audio channel [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
998161 [Tarako] email hang with large amount of emails [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998165 [Tarako] Incoming phone call will make the web browser page show the "This is embarassing" page [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME -
998208 [Tarako][V1.3T] Device cannot find the available WIFI network [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- VERIFIED DUPLICATE ---
998213 [Tarako][Keyboard] Unable to input keys after doing some steps Rudy Lu [:rudyl] (inactive after 2015/7/3) [sprd299702][tarako_only] [partner-blocker] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
998384 [B2G][Tarako][Homescreen]Intermittent animation disturbance when user closes App after tapping Homescreen button on device [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998395 [Tarako][email] OOM death/email killed from message scrolling with snippet fetching at a message density of 166 messages/day Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) [tarako_only][c= p=1] 2.0 S1 (9may) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
998408 [tarako] sending a large email can cause the email app to get killed Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T][partner-blocker][sprd308061] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED WORKSFORME -
998413 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]SIM 1 PIN or SIM 2 PIN illuminates when selected although not a valid option within SIM security [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998415 [Tarako] Long pause between keypress and sound [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998418 [Tarako] sending spinner did not load [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998419 [B2G][Clock]When lap times are added up it does not equal the total elapsed time on the stopwatch [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998420 [Tarako] while resending an mms, keyboard pressed were not changing the value of the input [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998421 [Tarako] Picture not saved [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] DUPEME --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998423 [Tarako] Touching an image after taking it causes a black bar to scroll from the top, it has no content. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998424 [Tarako] Not displaying thumbnail of relatively large image 15.8 MB jpg [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
998425 [Tarako] Wifi not remembered after reboot [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998429 [Tarako] USB storage errors in OSX [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998430 [Tarako] Sending and email crashes the app. Email not listed under sent, but was received. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998432 [Tarako] Email crashes on launch occasionally [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998433 [Tarako] Marketplace Canceling an install takes a very long time to change the Free button from a spinner back to free [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998434 [Tarako] Banding across the radio station frequency. [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
998435 [Clock] No way to stop Timer alarm [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998437 [B2G] [Tarako] [Browser] Cannot load YouTube comment sections on video pages Donovan Preston [:fzzzy] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998447 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]Passcode lock screen loads unexpectedly [tarako-exploratory] [perf-reviewed] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998450 [JavaScript Error: "Content Security Policy: Can't use 'self' if self data is not provided"] when starting video [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998452 [Tarako] Soundcloud playing audio crashes app other [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998453 [Tarako] Music keeps playing in background after killing music app (home long press, flick) ocassionally [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
998455 [Tarako] Twitter [c=memory p= s=2014.05.09.t u=tarako] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED INVALID ---
998457 [Tarako] Cut the rope [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P2] [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998493 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]Fast scrolling Settings list of options and tapping an option illuminates the option but doesn't open it [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998498 [B2G] [Browser] Camera placeholder icons do not line up with video suggestions Donovan Preston [:fzzzy] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
998506 [B2G][E-Mail][Tarako]When the user cancels setting up e-mail they are still brought to the set up page [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
998525 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Adding Yahoo Account and afterward attempting adding a Google account briefly displays Yahoo Account login screen [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999017 [B2G][Tarako][Clock]Adding alarm demonstrates user interface transition problem when created on device [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
999070 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Cellular & Data]Device caching Connected status in Network operator menu while Data Connection is disabled [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999096 [B2G][Gallery] Cropping tool is very small and present without a picture [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999122 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Network Error Message appears unexpectedly and in an unexpected fashion when user attempts adding a CalDav account using specific steps [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999206 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]User ending outgoing call displays inconsistent messaging and behavior while intermittently generating unexpected tones [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
999224 [Tarako] Accelerometer not working in 3rd party apps [tarako-bug-bash-1.3T] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999388 [Wifi][tarako] CTRL-EVENT-TERMINATING is not sent from gonk after close wpa_supplicant connection Jason.Liu [tarako_only][partner-blocker][sprd305892][POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
999567 [B2G][Tarako][Music]Intermittent and unexpected illumination of user function controls (Play, Pause, etc.) within App when selected in a unique manner [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
999601 [B2G] [Tarako] [Video] Listings page menu bar renders improperly when returning from a video after tapping the screen [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999648 [B2G][Tarako][Browser]Rendering issue with that demonstrates stuttering behavior in portrait mode only that resembles a bounce effect of the page [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999732 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Audio Reminder for Calendar Event demonstrates subtle but noticeable tone stutter on device [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INCOMPLETE ---
999743 [B2G] [Tarako] [Video] Audio and video stutters when the screen is rapidly tapped [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
999844 [B2G] [Tarako] [Video] Share and Bluetooth pages load slowly while video is playing [c=effect p= s=2014.05.09.t u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
999953 [Tarako] Creating a good loading experience for home screen app Tzu-Lin Huang [:dwi2][:tzhuang] [sprd295070][partner-blocker][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1000349 [B2G][Lockscreen] Tapping the home button on the lockscreen immediatley promts passcode [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1000356 [B2G][Tarako][Lockscreen]Status bar time (minutes) not consistently in sync with lockscreen time with SIM Card inserted and after battery reinserted in device [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1000418 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Add Event screen demonstrates bounce effect when selected by user for offline, CalDav, Yahoo, or Google Calendar [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1000438 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Accessing Remove Local Data Screen after accessing Calendar Homepage displays uncomfortable and unpleasant user interface [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1000518 [B2G][Settings] Wifi cannot obtain IP address or forget network Vincent Chang[:vchang][changyihsin] [tarako-exploratory][ETA:4/30][depend on sprd305892][tarako_only] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
1000580 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Date & Time] Occasionally in the Date & Time settings, the 'Set Automatically" option is not present [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1000733 [Tarako] Disabling Screen Reader function from Dev menu Arthur Chen [:arthurcc][inactive after 6/30] [tarako_only][ETA: 4/30][p=1] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1000987 [B2G][Tarako][Messaging][Video]User interface issue when attempting to add video attachment to SMS [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001036 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts][Gallery]User interface issue with Select option when attempting to add a picture to a new contact from Gallery [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001066 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts]Adding New Contact displays black square bar in place of pop up keyboard when user completes contact addition [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001107 [B2G][Tarako][Settings][Bluetooth]Tapping the Bluetooth toggle button three times in succession intermittently does not function properly [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001132 [B2G][Tarako][] Games smart collection has an OOM crash [tarako-exploratory], LMK, [c=memory p= s= u=] [MemShrink:P2] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001189 [B2G][Camera][Gallery]While switching to Gallery from camera, the user can take a picture [tarako-exploratory] [perf-reviewed] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001200 [B2G][Tarako][Camera]Tapping Camera while not plugged in with USB cable displays contradictory message of Camera can not be used while plugged in [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1001217 [B2G][Tarako][Cost Control]Tapping settings (gear) icon illuminates but does not open appropriate screen when selected in unique manner [tarako-exploratory][NaBfT] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001403 [Dialer][RIL][V1.3T] Cannot receive an incoming call while you are using 2G data network Bruce Jiang [POVB][tarako don't support DTM] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001455 Remove some gradients to save memory [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1001499 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts] User can hit the "Link Contact" button even though there is no imported facebook contacts [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1001541 [B2G][Tarako][Email]Intermittent layer of black briefly displays after user taps and input text within a field and selects the manual setup link [c=progress p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001586 [B2G][Component][Tarako] When trying to access the Mozilla Public License the user experiences an OOM crash [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P3] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001592 [B2G][Tarako]Unexpected sound heard during device boot up after restart or power off and turning phone on [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1001616 [B2G][Settings][FDN] The user enters an infinte sending state when they dial a valid MMI code with FDN enabled [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1001626 [B2G][Tarako][E-mail]Auto-suggestion field not visible within inbox search mail area for IMAP+SMTP account [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
1001629 [Email] Closed notifications that launch the email app (because it was not running) will result in the app displaying a black screen until a notification is clicked or email activity is triggered James Burke [:jrburke] [tarako-exploratory] 2.1 S3 (29aug) RESOLVED FIXED 2.0+
1001658 [B2G][Tarako][SMS]The sending icon shows up as a black box [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1001690 [B2G][Tarako][FMRadio][Audio][Headphones]Lower volume levels not audible using headphones on device [tarako-exploratory][POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1001729 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]Calling a number not on the FDN whitelist results in an incorrect message Ming [tarako-exploratory][POVB] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1001742 [email/activesync] Body fetch map fail on some text/html messages (example is a message from twitter), which manifests as a load taking forever. [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1002805 [B2G][Tarako][]Creation of Custom Smart Collection intermittently displays homescreen in midst of creation process [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1002838 [B2G][Tarako][Dialer]Manually dialing voicemail in a three way call freezes the phone [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
1002897 [Tarako] inproc music app Dominic Kuo [:dkuo] [tarako_only][sprd287908][partner-blocker] 2.0 S3 (6june) VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
1003247 [B2G][SMS][Messaging] Not able to send MMS under AT&T network when WiFi and Data Connection are set to OFF. Bevis Tseng[:bevis][:btseng](Exited) [tarako-exploratory][cert] 2.0 S2 (23may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3+
1003315 [B2G][Tarako]Twitter closes when composing a tweet [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P3] [tarako-exploratory], LMK [partner-blocker] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003317 [B2G][Tarako]Twitter closes when loading additional tweets. [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P2] [tarako-exploratory], LMK [partner-blocker] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003375 [B2G][Tarako][Settings]Fixed Dialing Numbers does not enable when SIM is inserted in SIM PIN 2 slot and enable is selected [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003458 [B2G][Tarako]Facebook closes when loading additional posts to the feed :Harald Kirschner :digitarald [tarako-exploratory][MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=tarako] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
1003549 [B2G][Tarako][Homescreen]Websites added to homescreen before website fully loads displays a star icon longer than expected [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003597 [B2G][Browser][Tarako] When accessing a website without wifi the user sees an incorrect error message Donovan Preston [:fzzzy] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1003600 [B2G][Tarako][]User can attempt to add a custom Smart Collection without a name [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003645 [Tarako][FOTA] Need a setting for update from /sdcard Shiwei Zhang [tarako_only][partner-blocker] [POVB] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1003648 [Tarako] Support install application to sdcard Jesse [tarako_only][sprd312386] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003912 [B2G][Browser]Websites that load slowly drains device battery at alarming rate at [c=power p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory][Power:P2] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003930 [B2G][Browser][Tarako] When adding a web page to the home screen the browser app experiences a pitfall [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1003992 [B2G][Tarako][Camera]Attempted attach camera image to Contacts causes Homescreen to appear unexpectedly [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1004146 new Tarako Marketplace Wil Clouser [:clouserw] [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1004300 [B2G][Tarako][Email][Camera]Poor device performance attempting to launch email and add camera app photo as attachment with low battery yiwen.liu [tarako-exploratory][POVB][c=progress p= s= u=tarako] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1004307 [B2G][E-mail] Hotmail displays incorrect attachment file sizes, until dowloaded [tarako-exploratory], OpenCrun1.4-3 --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1004326 [B2G][Tarako][Email]Electing to Save a contact results in a close of the Email app. [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P2] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1004566 [B2G][Tarako][Calendar]Edit New Event displays intermittent and unexpected overlap of text – red Delete Event button is rolled up in view temporarily [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1004743 [B2G][Tarako][Clock]Long-press Pause/Resume button on active timer countdown and sliding downward on device for at least five seconds without lifting finger or Stylus causes button illumination and function not executed [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1004751 [B2G][Settings]Internet sharing page cannot be opened if the username or password has a " [tarako-exploratory], [2.0-flame-test-run-1] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1005391 [B2G][Tarako][Camera]Taking a picture or video as a call comes in causes the device to become unresponsive [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE 1.3T+
1005401 [B2G][Tarako][Gallery][Camera]Performance issues switching from Gallery to Camera in both landscape and portrait mode [tarako-exploratory][perf-reviewed] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1005624 In setting->device information->more information->developer, If the checkbox of Enable hardware compo... is checked,setting activity will exit occasionally Shiwei Zhang [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1005787 Apps' iframe didn't remove after the apps were killed [sprd295140] [partner-blocker] [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1006193 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]Home Featured Apps are selectable for download when both Wi-Fi and Data Connection are off [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1006211 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]Card View for Youtube does not display icon image properly [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1006274 [tarako][perf] When hang up the phone, it takes time 3.5s, which costs 2s more than android Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) [c=progress p= s= u=tarako] [sprd307322][partner-blocker][tarako_only][dolphin land] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1006281 [tarako]Camera app can't use internal storage when internal storage size is less than 5MB. Justin D'Arcangelo [:justindarc] [tarako_only] 2.0 S1 (9may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1006657 [B2G][Connect A2] Tapping on a contact in the ConnectA2 app will not respond properly [tarako-exploratory][sprd305567][partner-blocker] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1006803 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]Server-side error experience attempting to download App with Wi-Fi and/or Data Connection disabled [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1010434 NeckoParent matches a wrong app for the request of a new RemoteOpenFile. Jason Duell [tarako_only] mozilla32 RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1011553 new marketplace package incoming; 20140520 Wil Clouser [:clouserw] [tarako_only] 2.0 S2 (23may) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1014272 [tarako only] Run the homescreen in process [:fabrice] Fabrice Desré [sprd295070][tarako_only] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1015896 [tarako] unable to add new group call after Communication app is killed Etienne Segonzac (:etienne) [sprd313255][tarako-only] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1018384 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook][Camera]Performance issue attempting to exit Camera App while within Facebook with a previous photo from Gallery already added [c=effect p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1018457 [B2G][Marketplace] 'Open Browser' in Wikipedia app transition to the thumbnail page instead of the directed browser page [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1018485 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook][Camera]Performance issues attempting to Select Photo from Camera App while within Facebook [c=effect p= s= u=tarako] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1018508 [B2G][Tarako]Photo images demonstrate pixel reduction issue when viewed from Call or Contacts log [tarako-exploratory] [2.0-flame-test-run-2] [2.0-flame-test-run-3] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1018514 [B2G][Email][Tarako] User can not open attached music file [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
1019130 [B2G][Tarako][SMS]Blinking cursor doesn't appear until user interaction with To: field for New Message [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1019156 [B2G][Tarako][]History bar results not selectable Sherman Chen [:chens] (inactive) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1019166 [B2G][E-Mail][Tarako] When attaching video from the e-mail, the video preview does not display [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1019296 [B2G][Tarako][Data Usage] User is not receiving the data usage alert ying.xu [tarako-exploratory][sprd321606][POVB] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME 1.3T+
1019757 [B2G][Tarako][Contacts]Add New Contact transition screen not graceful [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1019808 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] Check-in using geolocation is not functioning [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1019832 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] Burmese is appearing as blocks [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1019854 [B2G][Tarako][Youtube]Illumination of selected category not uniform on Home Page [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1019961 [B2G][Tarako][Connect A2]Indefinite wait period following registration [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1019973 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] Receiving an incoming call while in the app will leave user on homescreen when ended [tarako-exploratory][MemShrink:P2] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1019977 [B2G][Tarako][Connect A2]Chats menu does not display in full within Landscape view [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1020001 [B2G][Tarako][Marketplace]User selection of either Terms of Use or Privacy Policy and return to Tarako Marketplace Home screen demonstrates non-graceful transition [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1020004 [B2G][Tarako][Facebook] An image sent in messages or chat will extend beyond the user's field of vision Michael Ellis [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED ---
1020628 [B2G][Settings]Double tap left blue arrow in Keyboard Settings causes black screen to appear Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) [tarako-exploratory] 2.0 S4 (20june) RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1020647 [B2G][Tarako][Music] Music lags behind display after skipping to next song [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1020662 [B2G][Tarako][Music] Card viewer slides toward the wrong app [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1020689 [B2G][Tarako][Music] Taking a video while music is playing causes music to stop and not restart [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED DUPLICATE ---
1021111 [B2G][Tarako][Call Waiting] No ringtone or alert occurs for another incoming call during an existing call Jason.Liu [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED FIXED 1.3T+
1021298 [B2G][Tarako][Audio Channel]Volume heard via Headphones is significantly quieter for same audio heard via Speaker on device Xinhe Yan [tarako-exploratory][2.0-flame-test-run-2] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1021341 [B2G][Tarako][Email] User will have to delete Gmail and Outlook accounts and sign them in again for emails to appear Andrew Sutherland [:asuth] (he/him) [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1021414 [B2G][Tarako][PDF Viewer]Selecting PDF from Browser App attempts to load unsuccessfully Tim Guan-tin Chien [:timdream] (please needinfo) [tarako-exploratory] --- VERIFIED FIXED 1.3T+
1021881 [B2G][Tarako][Email] Message list's sender name may have very little whitespace between it and the message relative timestamp (ex: long name and long relative name of "a minute ago"). [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1021960 [B2G][Tarako][Email]Sync button animation displays as highlighted rotating rectangle when double tapped [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WORKSFORME ---
1021997 [B2G][Tarako][Card View] Slowly swiping card view of opened App displays dotted line to its left during swiping process [tarako-exploratory][perf-reviewed] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1022019 [B2G][Tarako][Music]Ending incoming call without answering while Music App is playing causes 2-3 second delay from paused music to re-started music [perf-reviewed] [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED INVALID ---
1022944 [B2G][Clock][Alarm]Stopwatch timer briefly stalls when Alarm is about to begin [tarako-exploratory] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---
1077286 [Philippines] Initiate New Market in the Firefox Marketplace Marketplace Program [tarako_only] --- RESOLVED WONTFIX ---

234 Total; 0 Open (0%); 219 Resolved (93.59%); 15 Verified (6.41%);