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Program Description

An open OS that puts Web content first!

Alopex is the project name for our design-based initiative to evolve the overall experience of Firefox OS based on Ignite. Alopex used to be the genus under which the Arctic Fox was included and it's a cool female mutant Arctic Fox from a popular cartoon.

Alopex is about delivering an open OS that puts Web content first. It is about crafting an end-to-end Firefox experience that:

  • Puts Web content in the center of the experience
  • Directly addresses the shortcomings of the Web on mobile
  • Emphasizes the Web's strengths of immediacy and continuity across devices
  • Is centered around simplicity yet puts the user fully in control
  • Creates an open platform for participation, and promotes community contribution

This initiative will build on top of the amazing work that has gone into customizations (add-ons), the ability to save/use Web content (Pin the Web), data sync and more.

Product Requirements:

  • Discovering great Web content is simple, yet familiar
  • Different content types (web apps, websites, etc.) are abstracted away from user
  • All Web content is optimized (to the screen size and input method)
  • Mobile content barriers (such as installations and re-authentication using the same credentials) are a thing of the past
  • Loading Web content is quick and fluid
  • Connection issues no longer "break" experience (endless spinners, partially loaded content)
  • Users can access their favourite content from any device
  • Users feel fully in control over their device and online experiences
  • Content is not bound to the scope of specific apps, encouraging interesting new experiences to be created and shared with others
  • Community members have a direct channel to offer new experiences to users

User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

Title BUG ID User story Acceptance Criteria
Title Goes Here Bug ID User Story 1 Acceptance Criteria 1
Bug ID User Story 2 Acceptance Criteria 2
Help/Onboarding Bug ID User Story 3 Acceptance Criteria 3

Program Status

Milestone Date Status
Concept Presentation Mozlando Dec 7/2015 ON TARGET
TBD..Milestone 3 AT RISK

Status Key

Color Status Key
On Target The project or deliverable is expected to meet its due date.
Challenged The project or deliverable is facing an issue that might cause it to miss its due date, but a “get well” plan has been developed to get it back on track.
At Risk or Late The project or deliverable is blocked or facing an issue that might cause it to miss its due date, and there’s no “get well” plan to get it back on track, or it is already late.
Done The project or deliverable has been completed.
On Hold The project or deliverable has been placed on hold.

Program Timeline

Alopex Release Timeline.jpg

MVP Scope

Querying by 2.6+ features

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0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Dependency Tracking

More detail to come after Dec/2015

Detailed Program Plan

More detail plan to come after Dec/2015

Action Item Engineering Owner QA Owner UX Owner Bugzilla ID Planned Done Actual Done

Project Focus Areas

Focus Teams Team Members Content Area
Content Discovery David A, David B, Bryant, Harly, Juwei, Scott, Francis, Carol H, Fang Discovery of content throughout the OS, Marketplace and Community
Core OS Etienne, Francis, Hung, Patryk, Przemek, Rob, Vicky, Peko, Wilfred Navigation and spatial model, Cross platform alignment, Customization model, Privacy and security, Application Model
Optimizing for web content Bill W, Jacqueline, Peter Addressing web deficiencies, Authentication, Offline and include many technical driven issues
Research Irina Competitive analysis, User perceptions on Mobile Web Browsing, Alignment & Definition of target audience

UX Specs

Focus Area Document
Content Discovery
Core OS

From Tuesday, October 13th's Weekly Gaia Meeting

Optimizing for web content

Reference Links


  • IRC: #fxos
  • Slack:
  1. Signup via
  2. Enter your email address to get started. No need to enter the Mozilla email domain ""
  3. Then you will be prompted to enter the slack team domain name "projectalopex".

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