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Firefox Rebranding:Worksheet

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Repackaging Worksheet Template

The Firefox Branding Worksheet & set of questions should be answered to facilitate creation of customized, officially-branded distributions of Firefox 3.

System Requirements

Please note that only the currently shipping version of Firefox is available for customized distributions. Versions of Firefox earlier than 3.0 are no longer supported, and may not be used.

  • What platforms will this distribution be available for? (e.g. Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • In what markets/countries would this version of Firefox be distributed?
  • Which locale(s) will this distribution support? (e.g. which languages will the distribution be available in? A list of locales supported by Firefox is available at mozilla.com.)


Please note that the number of bookmarks that can be added to a distribution are limited. The default bookmarks, which contain information about Firefox and Mozilla, may not be removed. Bookmarks should be limited to information and/or services directly related to the distributor, and will be reviewed.

For the bookmark toolbar, we request that you limit additions to no more than three (3) bookmark entries, which may be any combination of a standard bookmark, a livebookmark (RSS feed), and/or a bookmark folder.

For the bookmark menu, we request that you limit additions to no more than ten (10) bookmark entries, which may be any combination of a standard bookmark, a livebookmark (RSS feed), and/or a bookmark folder.

Bookmark folders may contain no more than ten (10) items. Folders within folders will not be considered for inclusion.

  • Are there any new bookmarks? Please list the bookmarks as follows:
    • Bookmark Toolbar:
      • Bookmark 1: <Title> <Description> <Type> <Link>
      • ...
      • Bookmark n: <Title> <Description> <Type> <Link>
    • Bookmark Menu
      • Bookmark 1: <Title> <Description> <Type> <Link>
      • ...
      • Bookmark 10: <Title> <Description> <Type> <Link>
    • Bookmark Folder: <Name>
      • Bookmark 1: <Title> <Description> <Type> <Link>
      • ...
      • Bookmark n: <Title> <Description> <Type> <Link>

Search Plugin(s)

  • Will any search engine plug-ins be added to the locale(s) defaults in the search bar?
    • If yes, please list the plugins to be added, and supply the source XML file to be used. If you do not have a plugin authored, please indicate this. Please note that a maximum of three (3) additions will be considered, and any additions should represent individual search services, not subsets/sections of a single search service.
  • Will you be requesting to change the default search engine? (this includes a modification to the existing default)
    • If yes, please indicate which search engine you wish to use as default (from the application defaults or a plugin you are requesting to have added).
    • If you are requesting a modification to the default, please outline the details of the modification and a rationale for the change.
  • Will you be requesting to modify any existing search engines (parameters, order, etc.)?
    • If yes, please specify which search engines you wish to modify, what the specific modifications would be, and the rationale for the change.

URL Customization

Start page

A customized Firefox Start (Home) page must be similar to existing Firefox Start Page, but may be co-branded, see Google Sample. If you proposed Start/Home Page is not similar to the existing Firefox Start Page, please be prepared to provide a rationale for the change, and how it would benefit the end-user.

  • Proposed Start Page URL
  • Change rationale

First-run page

When Firefox launches for the first time, two tabs are shown. The first tab is selected and displays the First Run Page and a second tab displays the Home Page. It is similar to the following:

A custom first-run page is not required. If the partner decides not to provide and host a custom first run page, then the default "Welcome to Firefox" one will be used.

  • First Run URL:
    • Are searches from the home page instrumented with tracking codes? (Confirm that it is a different value than the search plugin tracking code.)

Keyword URL / URL Bar

The with keyword.enabled set to true (default for Firefox), keyword searches can be performed from the URL bar. These searches typically use either "I'm feeling lucky" searches or a Google Keyword Search. These searches can be customized for other providers. They are not revenue bearing.

Additional Extensions or themes?

  • Please specify whether you would like your distribution to include an extensionand/or additional theme(s). Extensions must be directly related to your product and/or service offering, and should have been developed by your organiztion. If appicable, speify the extension you wish to include, as well as a URL (or copy) for the version you intend to include.

Marketing & Promotion

  • What is the promotion strategy for this build? Where does the partner expect to host this distribution?

Information Provided by Mozilla

This information will be incorporated in the customized distribution, and will be provided by Mozilla. No input from Partners is required initially.

Distribution Identification

  • What should the distribution be marketed as? (typically "Mozilla Firefox for <Partner/Service Name>" or "Mozilla Firefox with <Partner> Toolbar", etc.)
  • What should the Help->About description be?
  • The distribution ID (app.distributor) should be "<partner>".
  • The distribution channel ID (app.distributor.channel) should be "<channel partner>"

AUS, Updates & Upgrades

Firefox update (AUS2) has been configured so that when a request comes that starts with a channel named "release-cck-*" it will fallback and use the bits for channel name "release". In normal cases partner updates will use this mechanism.

  • What is the partner ID, to be included in the distribution.ini file, for updates?
    • app.partner.<partnerID> = <partnerID>