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Mozilla Firefox Global Search Strategy Status

Search is a core part of the online experience for everyone — Firefox users alone search the Web more than 100 billion times per year. So, a quality search experience is important to our users and to us, and each of our search agreements is the result of a competitive process reflective of the value that Firefox brings to the ecosystem. With respect to products, we are focused on innovation and delivering a market leading Web experience that we can be proud of and that users love.

We entered into a new search strategy at the end of 2014 to control our own destiny and to diversify the user experience and competitive landscape of Web search globally. We announced Yahoo as our default Firefox search provider in the US, as well as continued search relationships with Baidu, Yandex and others globally.

Firefox users can easily choose to change their search provider from a number of pre-installed alternatives. These choices include Microsoft Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia and many other regional search providers.

Updates on regional Firefox search providers:


Baidu continues to be the default search experience for Firefox in China.


Having used Google since 2004 as the default search provider in Firefox worldwide, when we started a review of our default search providers in 2014 we paused our revenue relationship. After this review period, we decided that the default search providers would be Yahoo in the US, Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey, and Google for the rest of the world. We have completed partnerships with each of these providers.

Following our review in 2014, Google remained the default provider outside the US, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, and other regions where we had search agreements. It took a short period of time to complete a revised partnership with Google, during which there was no revenue relationship.


We worked together with Yahoo to deliver a new search product for Firefox users in the US when we began the relationship. Today, there is room for improvement in the search product and we’ve been working closely with Yahoo on that.

The agreement with Yahoo (announced in 2014) allowed for expansion to more regions outside the U.S. We will soon add Yahoo as the default Firefox search provider in Hong Kong and Taiwan where the Yahoo brand is strong and local testing in the regions demonstrated a positive user experience.


Yandex Search became the default search experience for Firefox in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine in 2014 and Turkey in 2015.