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Oct 23, 2007

  • Attendees: morgamic, clouserw, oremj
  • Clouserw felt the project was moving in a direction that was going to be good for a small subset of people, but not for the majority, and so put the brakes on the launch. Specifically, using the database to store nodes, aside from being a pain (check out the bugs), it also means:
    • Code is not available to the public
    • We can't use the huge amount of tools out there (find, grep, etc.)
    • Creating many files/directories at the same time is a pain (we make about 150 new files for every firefox release)
    • The code is less mobile (I can't check out a copy somewhere and just start working)
    • We lose the simple directory structure the current code has (drupal doesn't have a concept of directories other than URL aliases)
    • We lose the SVN training that Pascal has been going through with localizers
    • We have to modify core drupal code (bug 397540, maybe others)
    • Drupal is hella slow (and I don't like saying hella!)
    • Drupal opens up new security problems (I got six new security announcements on the drupal mailing list last week)

So, the plan:

  • Current mozilla.com
    • Essentially remains unchanged (continues to be the production tag in SVN)
    • /press/ pages will be handled inside of drupal, we'll need a way to integrate the two
  • Current Kubla:
    • Write an interface to view a file system (check for something that exists)
    • Write an interface to edit flat files
    • Write any svn interface stuff we need - look at PEAR's VersionControl_SVN

One of the main problems with using SVN as a backend in our current products is speed - SVN is ridiculously slow. I think this might make fix our problems in this area, but input would be awesome:

  • Create SVN post commit hook script
    • Script will ping back to kubla on update script (details below)
  • Kubla's update script
    • Will accept file paths that have been updated in SVN
    • Will `svn up` those paths (upping the individual paths should be pretty quick...I hope)
  • When user wants to create a new file:
  • When user wants to edit a file:
    • User clicks "edit" or "create" on file
    • Give user a textarea where they can input changes.
    • User clicks save
    • Kubla checks for an svn lock in .svn. If the lock exists, prompt user to retry later; exit. If the lock is over $x seconds old, watchdog() it.
    • If no lock exists, save changes to disk
    • `svn commit` the file with appropriate message

  • New Questions:
    • How will updates be managed on mozilla.com? (oremj)
      • Either `svn up` on a cron job, or another post-commit hook to update the live site off the production tag.
    • How will we sync SVN and Drupal permissions? (oremj)
      • SVN currently grants permissions for localizers to /locale/. Kubla can have more specific perms, but there won't be much syncage. Moving an account from localizer->admin will require a bug.
    • How will we be able to make new accounts? (oremj)
      • We'll have to have a special form in Kubla that files an IT bug. Since people have to get r+ and potentially fill out agreements, this isn't a terrible thing. It's also a good papertrail.

Sep 10, 2007

  • Current timeline says live on moz.com in 2 weeks! (omg)
  • new wiki page for Documentation
  • Triage bugs
  • next meeting?

Sep 4, 2007

  • Questions
    • How does a reviewer know when a new version of a page exists?
      • New review queue getting committed soon. Click "Workspace" then "Review Queue"
  • clouserw to write some documentation/definitions
  • clouserw to test locale_access
  • Triage bugs
    • How do we want to split these up?
      • Need to implement Bugzilla::RandomAssignment - new project for Reed?
  • Next Meeting
    • Sep 11th, 2pm

Aug 23, 2007

  • Recap Alex's Schedule
    • Gone Aug 26-32nd, Leaving on Sept 15th
  • Look at where we currently are with todo/things that should be done
    • Language detection and URL handling?
      • Essentially done, got some tweaks to do
      • Need to add locale mapping: en->en-US, es->es-ES, ja-JP-mac->ja, no->nb-NO, pt->pt-PT, sv->sv-SE
      • Need to add English fallback to front pages only (it works on all other pages). eg. User goes to /de/ and page doesn't exist, they should be redirected to /en-US/
      • Need to test host switching
    • Workflow module?
      • Finished, ready for review
      • Publisher/admin can choose to immediately publish their changes, but should default to "needs review"
    • Permissions structure?
      • locale_access module is finished, ready for review
    • Upload/download files
      • Under development
    • clouserw to review/verify all these next week
  • Other Concerns?
    • fligtar contributes: hey guys, did you know that rrruffles have ridges?
    • Need to fix breadcrumbs
    • Need to incorporate product-details code
    • Need to setup /press/ pages
    • Need hella testing
    • Investigate drupal's simpletest module?
    • Lots of cleanup/link checking/etc.
  • Next Meeting?
    • Sep. 4th, 2pm. Be there or be square.

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