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Kubla » Meeting Notes

March 15th

Static Content

  • Feedback on Yulup
    • Concerns:
      • crashes firefox when moving positioned element
      • doesn't always create good markup (par for the course with wysiwyg)
      • limited markup buttons, eg. no paragraph or title buttons
      • It needs a built in spell checker - firefox's doesn't work on XUL?
    • Overall, feedback was generally positive - enough so to setup a demo
  • How easy is it for a novice to mess up the pages?
    • With the wysiwyg editor - pretty easy. If it's not a small change (fix spelling, etc.) then it would be best to make the change in the source editor.
  • Will our PHP code mess up the DOM rendering?
    • hmm

Dynamic Content

  • I looked at leveraging wordpress-mu last night for the dynamic content. The closest I got was Gengo but it's not compatible with wordpress-mu as far as I can tell (and their latest version doesn't work with plain wordpress right now anyway).
  • Since we're looking for the same kind of functionality the original dotclear has, we'll setup a demo of dotclear 2.0 and see if it can handle the dynamic side of things.

Next Steps

  • Setup a demo of Yulup for static content
  • Setup a demo of Dotclear 2.0 for dynamic content

March 8th


  • Review requirements
  • What are we going to do about static content?
    • Yulup is current #1 choice
  • What are we going to do about dynamic content?
    • Still looking. When moz-eu searched, they came up empty handed.
  • We need more time to review CMS's. Will have input from marketing and moz-eu by next week.
  • Next Meeting: 8am PST/5pm UTC Thursday, March 15th

January 17th

Notes (full transcript)

  • How does the review process work? ie. what is the workflow from a writer modifying a page to it going live?
  • Can a leader approve their own changes?
    • Yes. Smaller locales may not have multiple leaders to approve eachother's changes.
  • Are PHP header/footer includes manually included in new files?
    • Yes. Pages are somewhat unique at this point, and automatic includes aren't part of the requirements.
  • Do we want to support file locking?
    • Yes. When a file is edited, it's locked until it is saved (or the lock is removed by an admin). When a file is saved, it's committed to SVN.
  • How should permissions be implemented?
    • Writers and leaders can only see/modify languages they know.
    • Everyone has permission to everything in the locale(s) they know. We add an optional "security" tag. If the file is tagged with that flag, no one can see it unless they are tagged with the same tag. We can do the same with a "marketing" group...
  • When we redid m.c's in-product pages we brought in design advice way to late. When is the proper time to do that? How long will it take? Who is the contact for that?
    • Sgarrity is our design guy.
    • When framework is setup, sgarrity will use his prettification wand on html
    • Usability and simplicity are the focus here
  • (from email) This is software for the foundation:
    • Core Layer: CakePHP
    • File Management: SVN
    • File Versioning: SVN
    • WYSIWYG Editing: JSToolbar
    • Dynamic Data Storage/Presentation: CakePHP
    • User Management: CakePHP
  • Milestones/timeline/todo list setup
    • This is all still up for modifications, of course