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Big Stuff

  • ldap auth
    • permission setup -- done w/ ldapgroups module. set up in install profile. need to figure out permissions scheme
      • languages the person has access too
  • language detection and redirection
  • Let people make their own URL aliases, but restrict them to their language by auto-prepending them. When a person makes a page, they select what language it's in. Let's prepend that to their URL. Right now the URLs are imported as, eg. 'en/firefox/about' - lets change that to 'firefox/about' and then stick the language on the front programmatically.
  • Fix redirects - has a lot of pages that are just a header() to another site. All of these are going to be broken. We'll need a way to set these up through drupal.
  • Setup a view on /press/ for the "story" types. We also need to put a short block (3?) of these on separate pages, like the front page. There should be a "more" link that links to /press/. Rss feeds too.
  • Make a better import script using drupal's libs.

Little stuff

  • favicon - done
  • add textdir to <html>
  • grep for @todo
  • 404 page - done & 403
  • whack "drupal" in the <title> (this is a Localizer plugin thing - it has a separate title for every locale...)
  • verify navigation / breadcrumbs
  • verify /en vs. /en/ vs. /en/index.html
  • Add a way to have custom code in the header (eg. /firefox/all.html) (Probably just a CCK field)
  • disable browsing by /node/xx? (not really a big deal)
  • add .po files for all langs (fr is already done - the framework is there, just need to wget/untar them) - done for all avail. on
  • Do something about 'en' being the default (needs to be en-US)
  • Update groups programmatically (I forgot what this meant...)
    • probably means update the CCK fields' groups from the profile instead of having the user do it. i.e. to remove this message: Update Groups: All dropdowns on this page that say "No group" should say "Mozilla Options"