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Here's a template you can use when adding documentation for a command:


Description: a single sentence that says what the command does.

also called synonym

by Author - licensed as License

View more information at

Detailed help text, including an example of how to use the command, sample 
arguments and what they will do, whether you should select text before using 
it, how to interact with the preview, what happens if you execute it as 
opposed to just previewing it, limitations on its use, etc.

Mozilla Browser Commands


Exits firefox


Restarts firefox


Close current window


Toggles fullscreen mode


Switches to the tab that matches the given name.


Closes the tab that matches the given name, or the current tab if no name is supplied.


Closes all open tabs that have the given word in common.


Counts the number of opened tabs. Takes an optional filter term to count number of tabs matching filter term.


Refresh current document


Add current document to bookmarks


Print current page


Go back in history


Go forward in history


Go to home page


Zooms the Firefox window in or out.


Adds a tag to describe the current page.

If the page is currently bookmarked, adds a tag or tags (separated by spaces)
to the current bookmark.  If the page is not bookmarked, adds a bookmark to
"Unsorted bookmarks" and also adds the tag to that bookmark.

by Dietrich Ayala - licensed as MPL/GPL/LGPL

View more information at


Runs a bookmarklet from your favorites.

also called bml, js

by satyr - licensed as MIT

Enter nothing to reload the list.

Mozilla Social Networking Commands


Sets your Twitter status to a message of at most 160 characters.

also called tweet

You'll need a Twitter account, obviously.
If you're not already logged in you'll be asked to log in.


If not yet submitted, submits the page to Digg. Otherwise, it takes you to the story's Digg page.

also called share-on-digg

by Sandro Della Giustina - licensed as MPL,GPL

View more information at


Replaces the selected URL with a TinyUrl


Share the current page as a bookmark on

by Leslie Michael Orchard - licensed as MPL/GPL/LGPL

View more information at

Select text on the page to use as notes, or enter your own text after the
command word. You can also assign tags to the bookmark with the "tagged"
modifier, and alter the bookmark default page title with the "entitled"
modifier. Note that you must also already be logged in at
to use this command.


Asks a question on Rypple

View more information at

You'll need a Rypple account and be logged in

Mozilla Developer Commands


Shows you the source-code of the web page you're looking at.


Treats your selection as program source code, guesses its language, and colors it based on syntax.


Converts a selection to a PDF, to rich text, or to html.


Replaces html entities (<, >, &, " and ') with their escape sequences.


* Lets you type a jQuery selector and highlights matched elements.
* Hovering on an element generates a matching selector.

cers, satyr - licensed as MIT

Left-click / Enter
* Copy and Quit
Middle-click / C
* Copy
Right-click / Esc / Q
* Quit
* Move
* Scroll vertically
shift + PageUp/Dn
*Scroll horizontally

Mozilla Page Editing Commands


Deletes the selected chunk of HTML from the page.


Restores the HTML deleted by the delete command.


Puts the web page into a mode where you can edit the contents.

In edit mode, you can edit the page like any document: Select text,
delete it, add to it, copy and paste it. Issue 'bold', 'italic', or
'underline' commands to add formatting. Issue the 'save' command to save
your changes so they persist even when you reload the page. Issue
'stop-editing-page' when you're done to go back to the normal page
viewing mode.


If you used the 'edit page' command to put the page into editable mode, use this command to end that mode and go back to normal page viewing. If you want the changes to persist on page reload, issue the 'save' command first.


Saves edits you've made to this page in an annotation. They will persist on page reload. You can remove them with the 'remove-annotation' command.


Resets any annotation changes you've made to this page.

Mozilla General Utility Commands


If you're in a rich-text-edit area, makes the selected text bold.


If you're in a rich-text-edit area, makes the selected text italic.


If you're in a rich-text-edit area, underlines the selected text.


Undoes your latest style/formatting or page-editing changes.


Redoes your latest style/formatting or page-editing changes.


Highlights your current selection, like this.


Displays the number of words in a selection.


Turns a phrase into a link to the matching Wikipedia article. You must be in a rich-text editable field.


Calculates the value of a mathematical expression.

Try it out: issue "calc 22/7 - 1".


Calculate using Google's calculator. Has all the features of a scientific calculator, knows constants such as the speed of light, and can convert between units and currencies.

by Axel Boldt - licensed as Public domain

View more information at

Try: 5% of 700 
     sin( sqrt( ln(pi)))
     (1+i)^3, 15 mod 9
     (5 choose 2) / 3!
     speed of light in miles per hour
     3 dollars in euros 
     100 USD in GBP (US dollar in Pounds)
     242 in hex
     MCMXVI in decimal


Graphs the current selection, turning it into a sparkline.

also called graph

by Aza Raskin - licensed as MIT

Select a set of numbers -- in a table or otherwise -- and use this
command to graph them as a sparkline. Don't worry about non-numbers
getting in there. It'll handle them.


Translates from one language to another.

You can specify the language to translate to, and the language to translate from.

For example, try issuing "translate mother from english to chinese". 

If you leave out the languages, it will try to guess what you want. It works on selected text in any web page, but there's a limit (a couple of paragraphs) to how much it can translate a selection at once. If you want to translate a lot of text, leave out the input and it will translate the whole page.


Creates a new command from your saved bookmarklet when give the bookmarklet name.

by Abimanyu Raja - licensed as MPL


Creates a new Ubiquity command from a search-box and lets you set the command name.

by Marcello Herreshoff [Homepage] - licensed as GPL/LGPL/MPL

contributed by Abimanyu Raja, satyr

View more information at

 # Select a searchbox.
 # Execute this command to create the new search command.

Mozilla Email Commands


Looks for and returns the gmail-for-apps domain.


Guesses your web-based email provider and displays it in a notification.


Begins composing an email to a person from your contact list. also called

Currently only works with Google Mail , so you'll need a Gmail account to
use it. Try selecting part of a web page (including links, images, etc)
and then issuing "email this".
You can also specify the recipient of the email using the word "to" and
the name of someone from your contact list. For example, try issuing
"email hello to jono" (assuming you have a friend named "jono").


Displays your most recent incoming email. Requires a Gmail account.


Looks up the email address of a person from your contacts list given their name. Execute to copy the address.

Mozilla Calendar Commands


Adds an event to your calendar.

Enter the event naturally . e.g.:
   * 3pm Lunch with Myk and Thunder
   * Jono's Birthday on Friday
Currently, only works with Google Calendar so you'll need a Google account to use it.


Checks what events are on your calendar for a given date.

Try issuing "check thursday"
Currently, only works with Google Calendar so you'll need a Google account to use it.

Mozilla Map Commands


Turns an address or location name into a Google Map.

Try issuing "map kalamazoo". You can click on the map in the preview pane
to get a larger, interactive map that you can zoom and pan around. You
can then click the "insert map in page" (if you're in an editable text
area) to insert the map. So you can, for example, type an address in an
email, select it, issue "map", click on the preview, and then insert the


Maps multiple selected addresses or links onto a single Google Map. (Experimental!)

Mozilla Web Search Commands


Search using your installed search engines

Use the "with" modifier to specify any Open Search engine you have installed.


Searches Google for your words. It previews your top 3 search results and allows a keyboard short cut [ctrl+alt+(1,2, or 3)] to select them.


Searches Wikipedia for your words, in a given language. It also previews the top 5 results.

also called lookup

by Blair McBride - licensed as MPL

contributed by Viktor Pyatkovka

View more information at


Searches the Internet Movie Database for your words (

also called movie, actor


Searches Yahoo for pages matching your words. It also previews your top 3 results.


Searches for items matching your words. It also previews your top 5 results.

Available Indices:
   All Apparel Automotive Baby Beauty Books Classical DigitalMusic DVD
Electronics GourmetFood Grocery HealthPersonalCare HomeGarden Industrial
Jewelry Kitchen Magazines Merchants Miscellaneous Music
MusicalInstruments OfficeProducts OutdoorLiving PCHardware PetSupplies
Photo Shoes Software SportingGoods Tools Toys VHS Video VideoGames
Watches Wireless WirelessAccessories


Performs a VideoSurf video search with advanced preview of your top 4 results.

also called video, videos, videosurf

by Udi Falkson

View more information at

Please email us at if you have any trouble or
feature ideas!


Searches YouTube for videos matching your words. Previews your top 3 results.


Searches Flickr for pictures matching your words. Previews top 8 pictures.

also called images


Searches Bugzilla for Mozilla bugs matching the given words.


Searches MSN for the given words.


Searches EBay for auctions matching the given words.


Searches for the given words.


Searches for the given words.


Searches Yelp for restaurants matching your words. Previews top 4 results.

You can search for restaurants near a certain location using the near
modifier. For example, try "yelp pizza near boston".


Checks the weather for a given location. It detects your location as a default argument. May also take optional argument for unit, c or f, for celsius or fahrenheit.

Try issuing "weather chicago". It works with zip-codes, too.
Or "weather in c" gives the weather of your current location in celsius.


Gives the meaning of a word in preview area. Searches

Try issuing "define aglet"


Browse and embed pictures from Google Images

also called getimages

by Federico Parodi - licensed as MPL

View more information at

Press return to show the Google Images results, left click on a picture
to watch it, right click to insert it in a text or rich text area

Mozilla Image-Related Commands







Mozilla built-in commands


Takes you to the Ubiquity main help page.

Or, enter the name of a command to get help on that command.

also called about, ?


Takes you to the Ubiquity command editor page.


Opens the list of all Ubiquity commands available and what they all do.


Takes you to the page where you can change your skin.


Reports a Ubiquity bug. Report includes browser specifications, installed extensions, plugins and recent errors.

browser specs in bug report:
name	Firefox
version	3.0.10
numberOfWindows	1
numberOfTabs	3
cookieEnabled	true
language	en-GB
buildID	2009042316