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The Web Literacy Standard is made up of three strands: Exploring, Building, and Connecting. In turn, each strand is made up of several competencies. Each competency is comprised of a number of skills.


Navigating the Web

The Exploring strand is made up of the following competencies:

  • Navigation - using software tools to browse the Web
  • Web Mechanics - understanding the Web ecosystem
  • Search - locating information, people and resources via the Web
  • Credibility - critically evaluating information found on the Web
  • Security - keeping systems, identities, and content safe


Creating for the Web

The Building strand is made up of the following competencies:

  • Composing for the Web - creating content and making use of technologies for the Web
  • Remixing - modifying existing Web resources to create something new | Teach it
  • HTML - reading and writing the building blocks of the Web
  • CSS - reading, writing, testing and applying style sheets to alter the visual appearance of HTML
  • Design & accessibility - creating universally effective communications through Web resources
  • Coding/scripting - creating interactive experiences on the Web
  • Infrastructure - understanding the Internet stack


Participating on the Web

The Connecting strand is made up of the following competencies: