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Mozilla Learning: promoting universal web literacy

This is the home of the Mozilla Learning planning process. Together we're drafting the Mozilla Foundation's strategic plan for promoting universal web literacy in 2016 and beyond -- working in the open with colleagues, community and you.


The slides can be found here.

Where are we? How did we get here?

Defining a more ambitious learning and leadership plan is one of MoFo’s main goals for 2016.

  • We’ve just wrapped up the first phase of this work: defining the ‘why’ (universal web literacy) and the ‘what’ (leadership and advocacy) for this plan.
  • We’re now starting phase two: defining how MoFo will engage in these two core strategies in 2016 and beyond.
  • As discussed in Whistler, much of the ‘how’ is about looking at how existing activities improve and connect. Staff from across the org will be involved in figuring this out.
  • Three working groups will help guide this process: leadership development, advocacy and impact. Participation is open to all. Everything you need is available on this wiki: mzl.la/learning
  • Phase two runs from now to the Oct board meeting. Then phase 3 will dig into the nitty gritty of roadmapping and budgeting -- creating a final business plan.

Phase 2 Working Groups

As we move into Phase 2, we're further simplifying and integrating our core working groups. Each group will be responsible for a set of objectives, impact statements, partnerships and deliverables to be completed by the end of this phase. We'll need your full participation to make each group a success.

These working groups will be supported by:

  • Impact -- How we define, measure and maximize our impact

We will also continue focusing on partnership development efforts around women, girls and technology to inform our Mozilla Learning work, including a partnership with UN Women.
Phase 2 Working Groups.001.jpg

Moving from "Why" and "What" to "How"

  • Why = universal web literacy
  • What = advocacy and leadership development
  • How = the planning work we're tackling now

We’re now moving to Phase 2 of the planning process: from "what" to the specifics of "how." The next key milestone is Aug 18. That’s when we’ll share our plan for Phase 2 more broadly with staff and community, and broaden public engagement in our planning through Mozilla Learning community calls and communications. The final milestone for Phase 2 will be our October 14 Board Meeting, where we'll present the results of our work. Phase 3 will then focus on the specifics of roadmapping and budgets.

Phase One to Three.001.jpg


Phase 1: wrap up and ship a summary

  • Jul 31 - (DONE) wiki updated. this wiki is updated and provides a single clear home for the work
  • Aug 4 - (DONE) working group documents. all three Phase 2 working groups have a single canonical home on the wiki that they can own and drive forward
  • Aug 10 - (DONE) communications plan. with talking points for staff meeting are drafted and ready for review

Phase 2: ship the draft strategy

With two key deliverables:

  1. a detailed strategy. merging our completed Google Docs into a single strategy book.
  2. a summary. distilled into a Board Deck. with key strategy options / paths to choose from.
  • Aug 18 - (DONE) MoFo staff meeting: discuss Phase 2 goals, strategy and working groups together
  • Aug 24 - Impact
  • Aug 28 - Theory of change
  • Sep 8 - Value proposition
  • Sep 22 - Partnerships
  • Oct 6 - Mock presentation / "present a draft version of the plan to each other"
  • Oct 14 - present to board

Phase 3: ship the completed business plan, with roadmaps and budgets

  • Oct 20 - report-back from Board. Kick off Phase 3.
  • Nov 6 - 8 - MozFest. Get feedback on the plan.
  • Dec 7 - 11 - Mozilla All-Hands (Orlando)
  • Dec 17 - Board Meeting -- present budget and roadmap