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Mozilla Learning: promoting universal web literacy

This is the home of the Mozilla Learning planning process. Our goal: draft the Mozilla Foundation's strategic plan for promoting universal web literacy in 2016 and beyond. Working in the open with colleagues, community and you.


Phase 2 Working Groups

As we move into Phase 2, we're going to further refine and simplify our core working groups. Some may include sub-groups inside them as needed. Each group will be responsible for producing a set of objectives, impact statements, and deliverables to be completed by the end of this phase. We'll need your full participation to make each working group a success.

  • Leadership Development -- More people teaching and advocating for web literacy.
  • Advocacy -- Shifting understanding and thinking about the web.
  • Impact -- How we define, measure and maximize our impact.

Phase 2 Working Groups.001.jpg

Moving from "what" to "how"

We’re now moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the planning process: from "what" to the specifics of "how." The next key milestone is Aug 17. That’s when we’ll share our plan for Phase 2 more broadly with staff and community, and broaden public engagement in our plan through Mozilla Learning community calls and comms. The final key milestone for Phase 2 will be our October 14 Board Meeting, where we'll present the results of our work. Phase 3 will then focus on the specifics of roadmapping and budgets.

Phase One to Three.001.jpg


  • July 31 - this wiki is updated and provides a single clear home for the work
  • Aug 4 - all three Phase 2 working groups have a single canonical home on the wiki that they can own and drive forward.
  • Aug 10 -- communications plan and talking points for staff meeting are drafted and ready for review.
  • Aug 17 - MoFo staff meeting: discuss Phase 2 goals, strategy and working groups together
  • Aug 24 - Mozilla Learning community calls begin
  • October 12 - Board Meeting to present 2016 Strategy
  • November - MozFest - Post-board meeting strategic plan + comms plan for Mozfest - Obtain feedback from the community
  • December - All-Hands
  • December - Board Meeting