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Mozilla Foundation strategic plan

This is the home of the Mozilla Foundation's 3-year strategic planning process.


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Creating an ambitious learning, leadership and advocacy plan

Defining a more ambitious learning plan is one of the Mozilla Foundation’s main goals for 2016.

  • We completed the first phase of this work: defining the ‘why’ (universal web literacy) and the ‘what’ (leadership and advocacy) for this plan.
  • We’re currently in phase two: defining how MoFo will engage in these two core strategies in 2016 and beyond.
  • Much of the ‘how’ is about looking at how existing activities improve and connect. Staff from across the org will be involved in figuring this out.
  • Three working groups have been helping to guide this process: leadership development, advocacy and impact. Participation is open to all.
  • Phase two runs from now to the Oct board meeting. Then phase 3 will dig into the specifics of roadmapping, budgeting and creating a final business plan.

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What have we shipped so far?

(drafts in progress)