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Add-on reviewers volunteer their time and effort to keep users safe and help developers expedite their listings on (AMO). Reviewers are an integral part of a healthy add-on community, and to recognize their contributions, there is a level system that awards points for their contributions. The points are used to redeem special-edition add-on reviewer gear. To join us, apply here >


For each add-on or app reviewed, reviewers collect the following number of points:

Add-ons Extension Theme Background
Language pack
Search Engine
Nomination +120 +80 +5 +60 +30
Update +80 +80 +5 +60 +30

For add-on submissions waiting over 7 days, 2 points are added for every day that exceeds the 7 day mark.

Gear Levels

Here is what Reviewers get as they contribute and collect points:

Level 1 2,160 points Stickers + Thank You Note
Level 2 4,320 points Glass water bottle
Level 3 8,700 points Fox hat
Level 4 21,000 points Add-on Reviewer t-shirt
Level 5 45,000 points Add-on Reviewer hoodie
Level 6 96,000 points Tablet
Level 7 300,000 points Google Nexus phone
Level 8 1,200,000 points 13in MacBook Air
Level 9 3,000,000 points Mozilla community event of your choice

Using Points for Gear

To give you more flexibility and extend the program to reviewers who participate long-term, we’d like to introduce the option to redeem your points for official Mozilla gear once you reach Level 4.

Points in excess of 21,000 can be used to claim items from stickers and mugs to hats and messenger bags. This gives you the flexibility to redeem points for other items, continue accumulating points in the program towards earning the hoodie and tablet, or do a combination of the two.

Once you earn 96,000 points and claim the tablet, you can keep going to reach the higher levels, or redeem any points in excess of 96,000 for Mozilla gear. These points will be deducted from your total, down to 96,000, but not lower.

Here are the available gear you can claim:

Apply to become a volunteer reviewer today!

To get started, fill out the Add-on reviewer application

Note: We take quality seriously, and will take action to discourage and prevent erroneous and negligent reviews. Actions are taken at the Add-on Community Experience (ACE) Team's discretion, and may include deduction of points and/or suspension of review privileges.