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  • AIs from last meeting
    • Team: Review Roadmaps for Firefox for mobile and for Firefox Home - scheduled for 3/10
    • Stuart: flash / video blog post
    • Seth/Stuart/Mark/Thomas: define roadmap and actions for delivering language packs in Q2
    • Michael: ask Cheng - track clicks and devices. Update: Small screen templates are in place and the old, temp page which wasn't being tracked is now bypassed (as of today) so we should be getting stats now.
    • Stuart/John/Thomas: find out how more than one person can push to Android Market - see
    • Caitlin: consolidate public supported devices page into one (mobile/platforms page)


2.0 planning page


Filed Bug 634679 to address some potential issues with nightly testing and using lang packs.

Dashboard updates:

Seth continues to post these notes and the schedule to the l10n community.

Release Engineering

  • Fennec 4.0rc1: bug 639948
  • Reasons to merge m-b in with m-c
  • tegras
    • Still working on tegra room + stability.
    • MV network issues have stolen significant time from this, but still top prioriy.
      • Network issues were affecting the tegras as well, so can be considered a blocker to tegra stability.
    • We will 2 more unit test suites when a-team is ready.
      • Jsreftests bug 639678 will be turned on when crashtests are fix
      • Crashtests bug 637660 have a small patch needed to run.
      • Reftest is waiting on a couple patches to get reviewed and landed as well in bug 437817 and bug 636753
  • n900s
    • These weren't running as of Wednesday morning -- firewall changes had broken them. Now fixed. bug 638155
  • Linux IPC tests deployed.


Marketing & PR

  • Work with Aaron to get final list of supported devices, consolidating lists
  • Desktop download page to point to over-the-air,
  • Spark campaign on staging. 1st of 4 events starts this Friday at SXSW
  • Materials Needed: Video blog post, RC blog out line
  • Nice to have: UX post from Madhava re usability improvements, text reflow as experimental

Feedback Summary

  • Since Beta 5, our ranking remains the same - #22
      1. 1 Issue on AM and Input: No Flash
        2. Usability: keyboard issues, copy & paste, text reflow (lets get a post together to discuss these improvements in RC)
  • Top Praises: Clean UI, text rendering (universal access)

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 231623 Dn 16
No copy/paste support
5 bug 585875, bug 611741
How to disable popup blocker New 10 Dn

Reformating text on zoom 4
Firefox for iPad/iPhone? New 5014 -

Firefox for Symbian? New 17 Dn

Firefox for Blackberry? New 25 -

Problems with Marketplace New 83 Up


  • Small screen/mobile templates for SUMO now live. Click "Get Help" on the Fennec/Firefox start page.


  • Branching
    • We need an nspr merge to pick up ipv6 and large file support
    • Alon's defer open patch got 2.0-'d by firefox drivers, but we want it