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  • AIs from last meeting
    • Team: Review Roadmaps for Firefox for mobile and for Firefox Home - scheduled for 3/10
    • Stuart: flash / video statement
    • Seth/Stuart/Mark/Thomas: define roadmap and actions for delivering language packs in Q2
    • Michael: ask Cheng - track clicks and devices
    • Stuart/John/Thomas: find out how more than one person can push to Android Market - see


2.0 planning page


Filed Bug 634679 to address some potential issues with nightly testing and using lang packs.

Dashboard updates:

Seth continues to post these notes and the schedule to the l10n community.

Release Engineering

  • tegras
    • 8 talos suites, 3 unittest suites live.
    • 2 more unittest suites + a unittest fix landing between embargoes?
    • Stability work continues:
      • 3 tegras connected right now;
      • a lot of the issues we're seeing are due to timing. Bear has some fixes coming along; once we're on the switched PDU we should be able to write a script to keep these up in an automated fashion.
  • working with IT to avoid until after Fennec4.0; need a "no build RC1 before" date
  • FYI: branching decisions coming soon for mozilla-central.
    • Anything you need landed before branching?


Marketing & PR

  • Final list of supported devices - Request for a main point of contact
  • No Flash is #1 issue on Android Market and Input
  • Discussion to have blog/video from Alon on Power Management Tips & Tricks
  • Materials Needed: Video blog post from Stuart
  • Final video complete by Friday, Add-ons Showcase being filmed today

Feedback Summary

  • Since Beta 5, our ranking moved up one spot to #22
    1. 1 Issue on AM and Input: No Flash
      Other Issues:
      2. Slow, memory hog
      3. Usability: keyboard issues, copy & paste, text reflow
  • Top Praises: Clean UI, text rendering (universal access)

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 311836 Up 16
No copy/paste support
5 bug 585875, bug 611741
How to disable popup blocker New 12 Dn

Reformating text on zoom 4
Firefox for iPad/iPhone? New 4323 Dn

Firefox for Symbian? New 21 Dn

Firefox for Blackberry? New 26 Up

Problems with Marketplace New 60 Dn



  • Branching
    • We need an nspr merge to pick up ipv6 and large file support
    • Alon's defer open patch got 2.0-'d by firefox drivers, but we want it