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  • AIs from last meeting
    • Team: Review Roadmaps for Firefox for mobile and for Firefox Home - done on 3/23
    • Seth/Stuart/Mark/Thomas: define roadmap and actions for delivering language packs in Q2
    • Stuart/John/Thomas: find out how more than one person can push to Android Market - see - meeting on 3/31
    • Caitlin: consolidate public supported devices page into one (mobile/platforms page)
    • RC post-mortem: incl. communication, L10N issues, go-to-build, etc.
    • Follow up action items from Post Mortem
    • Update internal Android user list / devices
    • Inform localizers about features and keyboard shortcuts for Desktop build (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+Q to switch orientation, Ctrl+Shift+M to show context menu, etc.) - Mark to add link to Wiki
  • Firefox 4 (launched March 29): User Feedback Update
    • as of 4/12/2011: 1572652 downloads, 840908 active (53%), ratings (5/4/3/2/1) 5439 / 3345 / 3315 / 2611 / 3441 = 3.26 stars average
  • Firefox 4.0.1, Firefox 5, Firefox 6
  • New Feature Documentation


2.0 planning page


Filed Bug 634679 to address some potential issues with nightly testing and using lang packs.

Dashboard updates:

Seth continues to post these notes and the schedule to the l10n community.

Release Engineering

  • Waiting for "go to build 4.0.1"
  • tegras stability: 25 in production last night, survived the night. rest in staging
  • mobile-browser consolidated into mozilla-central
  • finishing up "faster cadence" branch setup


  • Test Plan for 4.0.1 in the works
  • Test Plan for Firefox for Mobile 5 ready to go

Marketing & PR

  • Mobile Awesomeness project underway (James Long project lead)
  • Q2 acquisition campaign brainstorming
  • DNT discussion in mobile for press cycles
  • Add-ons - "feature" committee, RYF, promo spots on AMO
  • Nightly/Beta goal for Q2: 5k, 30k repsectively (25k/150k EOY)

Feedback Summary

  • Working on a feedback strategy to support the new channels process. The plan, thus far and going forward, can be found on our central wiki
Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 42 19 72 Dn 16
No copy/paste support New 2 - 5 585875}}, {{bug|611741}}
How to disable popup blocker New 7 -

Reformating text on zoom
Firefox for iPad/iPhone? New 52 21 -

Firefox for Symbian? New 47 Dn

Firefox for Blackberry? New 21 Dn

Problems with Marketplace New 55 Dn

Problems w/ Spark New 11

SwiftKey New 18



Summary below, full update here

  • Symbian is moving away from open source to a more restrictive license. Will this impact Firefox Home's development on the platform?
  • OEMs and other are creating their own sections in the Android Market. Is this an opportunity Mozilla might want to pursue for add-ons or widgets?
  • MeeGo appears as a more attractive OS in emerging markets and benefits from stronger support in China. Depending on uptake, this might be an opportunity in these markets, but will Firefox run well on x86 architecture and the lower-end devices?
  • Microsoft gave more details on the next version of WP7, called "Mango", which includes IE9, improved OS and device integration capabilities, Marketplace updates and an improved SDK