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  • AIs from last meeting
    • Team: Review Roadmaps for Firefox for mobile and for Firefox Home - done on 3/23
    • Seth/Stuart/Mark/Thomas: define roadmap and actions for delivering language packs in Q2
    • Stuart/John/Thomas: find out how more than one person can push to Android Market - see - meeting on 3/31
    • Caitlin: consolidate public supported devices page into one (mobile/platforms page)
    • RC post-mortem: incl. communication, L10N issues, go-to-build, etc.
    • Follow up action items from Post Mortem
    • Update internal Android user list / devices
  • Firefox 4 (launched March 29): User Feedback Update
    • as of 3/30/2011: X downloads, Y active (Z%), ratings (5/4/3/2/1) A/B/C/D/E = F stars average
  • Firefox 4 - POST MORTEM
    What went well, what didn't go so well, what we can do better next time (no finger-pointing)
  • Firefox 4.0.1 and 5


2.0 planning page


Filed Bug 634679 to address some potential issues with nightly testing and using lang packs.

Dashboard updates:

Seth continues to post these notes and the schedule to the l10n community.

Release Engineering

  • Waiting for "go to build rc2" or "go to ship rc1" decision.
    • IF we need to do RC2, please talk to RelEng about specific branches to use
  • tegras
    • tegra room setup
    • still working on tegra stability. 30 in production last night, down to 8 this morning
    • have to reimage all 90 tegras for test change for resolution.
  • consolidating mobile-browser into mozilla-central


  • QA has begun release testing the RC.

Marketing & PR

  • Spark enhancements
  • Q2 Webdev planning (perf/technology/videos pages)
  • RR planning with PMM and Engagement teams

Feedback Summary

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 3845113 Way Up 16
No copy/paste support New 6 - 5 585875}}, {{bug|611741}}
How to disable popup blocker New 4 -

Reformating text on zoom
Firefox for iPad/iPhone? New 4927 Way up

Firefox for Symbian? New 74 Way Up

Firefox for Blackberry? New 34 -

Problems with Marketplace New 100 Up