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There are a number of user categories on MozillaWiki, some of which have additional duties to creating new content and editing existing pages. The categories are mostly additive.



Everyone becomes a MozillaWiki User when they register and confirm their email address. You will be able to edit existing pages but not create them until you have been confirmed.

Autoconfirmed users

This is a default option on MediaWiki but is not presently used by MozillaWiki.


Because of a history of spamming on MozillaWiki we are considering switching to a method of checking users before allowing them to edit anything other than their userpage. Once we have reckoned that someone is probably not a spammer or vandal we will set this flag on which will let you create new pages and upload images and files.


Some maintenance tasks can be carried out via small programs. Such programs have to be registered as 'bots' to be allowed access.


Someone has to do the maintenance tasks. Administrators do that on MozillaWiki


Moving pages on a wiki tends to surprise people who expected an article to stay where it was. Because MozillaWiki tries to maintain pages where they are created only some people are authorised to move stuff around.


A different category of people doing maintenance tasks for MozillaWiki there are fewer of them than Administrators as they need to do these extra tasks less often.