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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.5.5

Firefox 3.0.16 / Firefox 3.5.6

Firefox 3.6 Beta

  • Released on Friday, Oct 30th
  • plan is to promote it heavily to rapidly increase beta audience
  • will refresh frequently via the Firefox 3.6 beta update channel, each update will be versioned "3.6b#" and presented as a "revision"
  • next update is aimed to be this Friday, minimally containing:
    • DLL component directory lockdown and blacklisting patch (see bug 524904 and bug 519357 (blocklist policy discussion in bug 525103)
    • syntax changes for CSS gradients (see bug 513395)
    • cycle-collector patch to stop cycle collection instead of crashing (see bug 521750)
    • other changes on mozilla-1.9.2 since we froze for beta

Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate

  • proposed code freeze November 18th (2 weeks)
  • proposed release November 26th (Happy Thanksgiving)
  • need to check these schedules with build and QA, obviously

Blocker Report

See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

(Progress reports every weekend on Planet Firefox)

  • see our active projects and get involved / propose others
  • Namoroka/mozilla-1.9.2 front end development:
    • 29 blockers left, 7 are crashkill
    • team estimates this number will be 10 by end of the week
    • per tab prioritization for session restore bug 514490 causing test failures on mozilla-central, should be wrapped up today or tomorrow, see the project page for more detail
    • windows 7 aero peek per-tab preview: as per bug 525475 we're going to pref this off by default until the other bugs are fixed, allowing us to unblock on them

GFX Update

  • 18 blockers
    • 9 are FIXED, several have patches.
    • GFX team will be triaging these to see which absolutely need to block.
    • Looks good for a November 18 freeze date.
  • 3.5.4 crashes
    • We discovered once 3.5.4 had been released that we had caused two topcrashes: bug 524462 and bug 525326. These were fallout from security bug fixes.
    • More testcases helps, and we're adding more. But the nature of graphics code (handling user-provided data) implies that it's very difficult to have fully complete test suites.
    • It's very likely that these could have been caught in a beta period for 3.5.4. Since we already look at crash-stats, should we just extend beta periods? Should we make it part of the "new release" signoff that we haven't introduced new topcrashes?
  • GFX team focusing on blockers, Electrolysis, crashes, and performance.

Layout Update

  • Blocker report:
    • 18 blockers, but mostly (9) fixed on trunk and need 1.9.2 landing, or have patches, or we're not sure there's a bug
    • Silverlight issue fixed after conversation with Microsoft --- we're doing a trivial workaround for them calling NPN_Invalidate for a windowed plugin
    • Only 1 bug where we know there's a bug and we don't have a patch (519767)
    • 1 untriaged layout nom
  • CSS gradient syntax change (bug 513395) landed on m-c yesterday; backport to 1.9.2 is posted to the bug, the a1.9.2 queue, and the try server; would like to land it tonight or Wednesday morning assuming all is well
  • Layers API developed: Implementation to proceed shortly. Send feedback.
    • Framework for hardware acceleration, 3D transforms, retained buffers for elements, cross-process rendering, off-main-thread compositing, animation and video playback
  • Patches ready to remove nsIScrollableView on trunk
  • Jonathan Kew in Toronto office this week
  • WOFF getting lots of press
  • Rapturous reception at AtypI

Content Update

  • Excellent work by bz and smaug on a 1.9.1 stability regression
  • Working on 1.9.2 blockers (26 total, 5 fixed/dup, 7 crashkill)
  • crashkill work
  • HTML5 parser work moving forward, getting through reviews.

Platform-specific Support Update

  • (smichaud) 1.9.2/JEP update -- No new bugs in last week. No blockers.


Startup Performance

  • Almost done with a tool that shows numbers for all Talos tests across all branches for all platforms, summarizing median and mean per platform, including weekly difference, and difference from Firefox 3.5.
  • Found a scenario for stable cold startup numbers on Windows. Next step is to get a Talos patch up, and work with Rel/Eng to get it deployed into testing so we can see numbers on real Talos boxes.
  • Rob Strong split up the update service in bug 311965, has most reviews (affects all toolkit apps) and is about ready to land. This showed a significant win on WinCE startup.
  • Taras and Joel are working on bug 524202, tracking down exactly how and when dynamic library code is loaded. See this comment for a good summary of the issue.

Join us on IRC in #startup.


pending reviews

feature review date who interested
Windows TSF integration (1.9.2) unscheduled Jim Chen, roc
DNS Prefetching unscheduled Patrick McManus Jesse, bz, reed(?), ctalbert
New system metrics (and media queries) unscheduled  ? dbaron


  • Fennelectrolysis lives: with only a medium amount of hackery of the Fennec frontend itself. Currently getting the platform-side patches landed.
  • Working quickly towards getting IPC plugins landed on mozilla-central, preffed off.
    • Multiple plugins work, ipcplugin tests work (2 orange because NPN_SetException isn't implemented)
    • cjones working on leaks during ipcplugins tests (probably shutdown-only leaks)
    • bent finishing work on Windows hangs

Tree Management

  • Help with making debug tests green. bug 523385
  • Upcoming power outage at 650 castro
    • November 14th
    • bug 524047
    • Mobile tests will be disabled for the duration

Upcoming this week:

  • Electrolysis tests bug 515436
  • Stopping refcounting build on trunk on linux


  • roc: Trying to make httpd.js do GC; xpcshell tests uncooperative
  • robc: firebug - event listener service? yay!