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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.15 / Firefox 3.5.4

  • releasing today

Firefox 3.0.16 / Firefox 3.5.5

Firefox 3.6b1

Firefox 3.6rc

  • proposed code freeze November 18th (3 weeks)
  • gives time for beta feedback as well as to fix remaining blockers

Blocker Report

See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

(Progress reports every weekend on Planet Firefox)

  • see our active projects and get involved / propose others
  • Namoroka/mozilla-1.9.2 front end development:
  • we are once again string frozen
  • windows 7 tab preview
    • vlad and robarnold working through two major bugs {numbers to follow}
    • if we can't get it resolved by the end of the week, we'll likely pull the per-tab-preview feature from Firefox 3.6 (the rest of Aero Peek support is still there and working fine)
  • a11y changes for tables (see this page for a list of bugs and why this is desired)
    • has tests
    • doesn't affect Firebug
    • doesn't introduce compatibility problems with existing screen readers
    • decided to take the patches listed on that page

GFX Update

  • 11 blockers
  • Graphics team focusing on blockers, Electrolysis, crashes, and performance. As should you all.
  • Despite that, DirectWrite work is also coming along, filling in the bits of functionality that are missing. See bug 517642 for more information.
  • Also, WebGL work is ongoing.

Layout Update

Content Update

  • Jonas checked in a patch for multi file selection in the file picker in input type=file elements, should take this for 1.9.2 as well.
    • will accept this patch, but if it bounces, it's out.
  • bnewman working on JPW (cross process JS wrappers)
  • hsivonen making good progress on moving the HTML5 parser off the main thread and implementing speculative parsing.
    • most patches are reviewed, some still waiting on sr.
    • will investigate testing this in a simulated high-latency environment.

Platform-specific Support Update

  • (smichaud) 1.9.2/JEP update -- Only two known problems remaining, neither of which is a blocker.
    • bug 522962 Applet needs to be reloaded after switching to/from full screen mode. Needs to be fixed in JEP.
    • bug 523625 Disabling JEP/Java doesn't stick when another copy of JEP is in /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/. Has a patch awaiting review.


Startup Performance

Estimated win Bug # Summary Owner Status Notes
~10% "Dirty Profile" Startup Reduction Constant startup relative to profile size Shawn Wilsher
significant bug 558200 Extension profiler platform api Steve Fink There is an easy way to provide feedback to extension developers to help them figure out why their extension is misbehaving. We need to implement that ASAP, so typical firefox installs(with lots of extensions) can be fast

Highlights from the weekly update post:

  • Taras is working on library IO, and posted some details and optimization approaches, and posted a log of what's loaded and how long it takes.
  • The new cold startup graphs are here for Mac and Linux.
  • I've made progress on emulating cold startup on Windows, more details on the weekly update post linked above.
  • Rob Strong has been making a bunch of changes in the update system, which can improve startup time on mobile, and posted a list of the changes.
  • Drew has a patch up for bug 506814, getting rid of GetPersistentDescriptor/SetPersistentDescriptor on Mac, needs review from Josh.
  • Ben Hsieh has been prototyping a whole Fastload cache replacement in bug 520309.

Join us on IRC in #startup.


pending reviews

feature review date who interested
Windows TSF integration (1.9.2) unscheduled Jim Chen, roc
DNS Prefetching unscheduled Patrick McManus Jesse, bz, reed(?), ctalbert
New system metrics (and media queries) unscheduled  ? dbaron


  • Ability to run multiple plugin types almost done: bug 516509
  • test frameworks are being updated by jgriffin: first mochitests, bug 523208 since we need that for plugins now
  • ability to run xpcshell tests in content process almost done bug 521922. jduell back to working on HttpChannel
  • Need RelEng help with bug 515436 - custom LD_LIBRARY_PATH for e10s unittests/makecheck

Fennec work continues, not much special to report.

Tree Management

  • Split mochitests landed. Thanks to all who helped out. As a result we were able to un-hide some of the debug test columns (most of linux and windows unhidden)
  • Running mochitest-ipcplugins on Electrolysis
  • Running jsreftest, and check-valgrind on Tracemonkey
  • The minipocalypse is upon us!
    • We can no longer buy 1.8 GHz minis, which are the common hardware platform for all our Talos machines
    • Thanks to all who have donated their old minis!
    • We are evaluating the current generation of minis. Need to give some thought to where these will get deployed. New test platforms only (Snow Leopard, Win 7)? New branches only? New tests only? How important is it that we have the same hardware platform across all OSes?


  • list of crashes by group (estimates) coming soon; please review it and see if there are crashes you can fix!
  • Any objection to bug 518003 landing on 1.9.2? How about renaming the method from mozMatchesSelector to simply matchesSelector?