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  • random stuff - Oct 29th
    • ozten - remove expand link and just show everything by default
    • ozten - wrap up the l10n effort - ready to localize, see bug 523152
    • laura - draft changes for whatsnew page for 3.6 (or earlier)
  • plugin directory - Oct 29th we have a rough mock or scaffolding for the directory
    • les and ozten - meet first to avoid duplicated work
    • les - will mock up the human-readable directory
    • ozten - draft user workflow for how people will edit or insert plugin data

    • need a sandbox where what they type in creates a json file and they can test things on their own
    • non-production way to test their entry before it is actually out there in the public
    • set up a secondary domain where "non-approved"
    • help us improve our service -- way to crowdsource plugin data
      • "send us what you saw w/ recaptcha"
  • plugin directory - Nov 5
    • les - Flesh out sandbox and crowdsourcing mocks
    • morgamic - Blog post on work done, work in progress
    • morgamic - talk to Nick about existing plugins page, plugindoc
  • plugin directory - Nov 12
    • laura - will talk to sean and make buttons with copy on them
    • les - File bugs for each individual page or view
    • les - workable prototype for searchable directory, first stab at editing
    • mike - make sure AMO doesn't replace what we're doing and they know exactly what's going on
      • Concerned about bug 525594 - the blockers are starting to look like blockers meant for PFS2, duplicate work?
  • outreach - mid-Nov
    • button w/ embeddable js
    • short circuit the API and return true false
  • automating plugin information information - Next
    • create cron job to parse access logs
    • look at reports and detect new plugins smartly
  • detecting deltas - Next
    • % change in unknown for a given plugin
    • spot new unknown plugins
  • add localization to PFS2 database
    • store translations for descriptions
    • provide interface for translating them


The plugin check project is a web-driven campaign to raise awareness about vulnerable plugins. It has two main goals:

  • Warn people that they are vulnerable to out of date plugins
  • Provide detailed information about how to update their plugins


Always check the link above, but, basically:


  • August 18th-25th
    • TRO works on first front end Mock-Up
  • August 24th-September 16th
    • Database development
  • September 1st-7th
    • Page implementation
  • September 17th-25th
    • QA and bug fixes
  • September 25th-30th
    • Push page live
  • September 25th
    • Start L10n

Due Dates:

  • August 24th
    • Copy Finished
  • August 25th
    • First Mock up complete
  • August 31st
    • Final Page design
  • September 7th
    • Page implementation done
  • September 16th
    • Database developed
  • September 25th
    • QA finishes testing
  • September 30th
    • Page Live
  • October 31st
    • Localization Complete
  • March 2010 - Cross Browser Release

Test Instructions

Note: You must accept the Mozilla root CA. before testing

 Plugin Finding Service Error
 We've encountered an error. Please try your request again later.

If you see this error on the trunk page or stage page, please go to and make sure the page loads. If it warns you about the certificate, this is why the page failed. See Bug#522145 for details.

Test Matrix

Browser Testing Matrix (all TBD until I see the official list of plugins)

Windows XP SP 2
Windows Vista

OS X 10.5 (6? 4?)

Firefox (?)

Firefox 3.5.3 / Firefox 3.13
Flash > = (green)
Flash > = (green) Flash > = (green) Flash  > = (green)
Flash < (red) Flash < (red)
Flash < 9.0r47 (red)
Flash < = (red)
Java 1.5.0_07 (green)
Java 1.5.0_07 (green)
Java 1.5.0_07 (green)
Java 1.5.0_07 (green)
Java < 1.5.0_07 (red)
Java < 1.5.0_07 (red)
Java < 1.5.0_07 (red)
Java < 1.5.0_07 (red)
QuickTime > = 7.6.2 (green)
QuickTime > = 7.6.2 (green) QuickTime > = 7.6.2 (green)
QuickTime < 7.6.2 (red)
QuickTime < 7.6.2 (red)
QuickTime < 7.6.2 (red)


PFS2 Service

The PFS2 service provides the backend that supports these buttons, and also for future changes in web clients. It has these responsibilities:

  • Provide a central database to store the latest plugin information and statuses
  • Provide an API to retrieve information about any known plugin in any format

It supports the following workflow: workflow.png plugin check page

The page will be the destination link for any button. It serves three main functions:

  • Help users upgrade their vulnerable or out-of-date plugins
  • Display detailed information about their plugins
  • Tell users how to spread the word via buttons

Ease of updating should be the primary function with detailed plugin data being a second priority for people who want to dig deeper.

full size



Buttons are on hold and won't ship in the inital PluginCheck release.

Buttons tell users if they are up to date. Just like our Upgrade the Web buttons except we'll have slightly different messages. We basically have three states:

  1. User is OK
  2. User is at risk
  3. We don't know

It will look something like this: