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  • Train: Sync Server 11-03-2011


Deployment Ticket/Maintenance Window Info

Resolved/Verified Bugs

  • bug 692452 - creating a 2.6.x branch with a few hot fixes
  • bug 679063 - need better handling of ldap.SERVER_DOWN
  • bug 692789 - retry the query on 2013 error
  • bug 691720 - append user's requested URI to crash id
  • bug 680324 - ldap connections should have a max lifetime configurable
  • bug 691070 - authenticate_user not returning 401 Unauthorized when presented with invalid UTF-8

Opened Bugs/Issues



  • This deployment originally included a second ticket to cover fixes for MySQL. That has been pulled out for a separate deployment later in November.
  • Ran standard Sync smoke tests in Stage (with and without load running) and in Production for both SCL2 and PHX1.