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Mozilla Services is the branch of mozilla where Client products meet Server interaction. Services can be expanding into any products that can utilize modular and scalable API's, to provide web developers the flexibility on creating products within the server-client interaction. Current products like Sync and Identity, make up the beginnings of existing products that drive this offering.

Team Details

The Services QA team is committed to qualifying products and releases through client-server testing. Consisting of Client and server product testers, we also plan to diverge into performance and load testing in staging and production environments.

Team Members and Assignments

Name Contact Availability Project Assignments
Tony Chung MoCo Employee (full time) QA Team Manager
Tracy Walker MoCo Employee (full time) Client side QA, Sync specialist
John Morrison MoCo Employee (full time) Server side QA
Karl Thiessen MoCo Employee (full time) Server side QA

Current Status

  • Updated: August 25, 2012
  • Sync - Client
    • Tracy investigating mozmill automation for client
    • InstantSync: landed on Fx6 beta
    • Sync Setup Improvements: wip
  • Sync - Server
    • TBD - See Tony and John
  • BrowserID
    • TBD - See Tony and John
  • Notifications: In design
  • F1 Share: On Hold. moved to labs for design

Weekly Trains and Releases

Each week, or for each scheduled release, QA receives a new build for testing in the Beta (BrowserID) or Stage (SyncServer) environment. The Dev teams write, test, and release the build to the OPs team. The OPs team is responsible for deploying the build to the Beta or Stage environment. Once the new build is deployed, the QA team verifies the deployment, then completes all required testing and signs-off on the results. Once this process has completed, the OPs team is cleared to deploy the build to production.

Services QA: All Releases

BrowserID Releases

Sync Server Releases

AITC and TokenServer Releases


This section should contain a list to the active current team project page. The section will be included as part of the top level QA organization page.

Project Description QA Owner
Firefox Sync Test Plan Firefox Sync site (both extension and Integrated feature) summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules Tracy
Sync Server Test Plan Sync Server and Client Test Plans, Grinder information, and Smoke Test Information (this Test Plan needs to be completely reworked for Sync 1.1 and future projects) Tony/John
BrowserID Test Plan BrowserID allows users with a verified email address against Mozilla platform to request access to websites Tony/John
[AITC and TokenServer Test Plan] AITC and Token Server Tony/John
Syncorro Project to automatically gather sync logging data and reporting Tracy
Notifications Spec Push notifications from the cloud to the browser and other 3rd party clients TBD
Firefox Share Test Plan A feature for the browser that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way. One is able to share links from within the browser without leaving the page using the same services one already know and uses TBD
Load Test Refactoring Refactoring current Grinder tests to support functional tests with FunkLoad environment Owen


Services projects use a handful of environments to get their work done. Generally, it's broken down by:

  • Development Sandbox
  • Staging
  • Beta (Q3 goal)
  • Production

A handful of environments are listed here. However, many of them require Mozilla Internal access and VPN, so if you are part of a special project, please see the QA staff for more info.


  • Tools
    • TBD


  • TBD

Team Goals

  • TBD

Community Contribution

Anyone can participate. There are several ways in which YOU can participate:

  • File bugs
  • Triage bugs (confirm existing bugs and assign them to the right buckets)
  • Help test new features
  • Write test cases
  • Plan new features testing
  • Help others who want to get involved.