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Browser Technologies QA Team Overview

As mobile and Web Services become more prominent in the mozilla project, QA continues to strive to cover and test the projects forthcoming. The current projects with coverage include Mobile Firefox, Test Pilot, Firefox Sync, Jetpack, and Web API's

Team Details

The QA team of Web services and mobile, coordinates a various set of tasks from feature test development to release testing on different platforms. Since many of these groups are still under 2 years old, there are still developmental progress with automation support and conducted processes. In addition, there are some outsourced work that run nightly smoketests and bug verifications on an ongoing basis.


The Browser Technologies mission is two-fold, we aim to improve the quality of Firefox and finely tune it for mobile devices as well as drive the testing efforts for all the Mozilla Labs projects, web services and web apps. As Mobile, Web Services, Labs, and Web Apps become more prominent in the Mozilla project, QA continues to strive to cover and test the projects forthcoming.

Photo Name Location IRC
Aaron Train
Canada AaronMT

Tony Chung United States tchung
#qa, #sync, #mobile, #openwebapps

Tracy Walker United States tracy
#qa, #sync, #labs
2924835ab92aa8c8a5ed8a99f3042284.jpg Owen Coutts United States ocoutts
#qa, #sync, #mozmill, #interns
Photo+73.jpg John Hammink United States jhammink
#qa, #webapi, #b2g
Kevin Brosnan United States kbrosnan
11 Martijn 270.jpg
Martijn Wargers Netherlands mw22
#mobile, #qa, #developers
Nhirata.jpg Naoki Hirata United States nhirata
#mobile, #qa, #fxhome
John Morrison United States jrgm
#qa, #sync, #identity

Team Pages

Team Homepage
Mobile QA https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Fennec/NativeUI
Services QA https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Browser_Technologies/Services
Web API QA https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Browser_Technologies/WebAPI


  • Fennec (Firefox): 6.0 (android) targeting release 3rd week of August 2011
  • Firefox Sync: --
  • Test Pilot: --
  • Jetpack: --
  • Firefox Home: --



Bi-Monthly Status Meetings

Dial In: 800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf #265
Every other Thursday at 11:00 AM Pacific/ 02:00 PM Eastern / 18:00 PM UTC
Zombocom Conference Room (3rd Floor)
irc.mozilla.org #qa for backchannel


Team Goals

Current Projects

This section should contain a list to the active current team project page. The section will be included as part of the top level QA organization page.

Project Description
Fennec 10.0 Test Plan Mobile Firefox QA site summarizing Test Strategy, Feature set, assignments, Milestone Testplans, and schedules
Firefox Sync Test Plan Firefox Sync site (both extension and Integrated feature) summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Test Pilot Test Plan Test Pilot QA site summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Jetpack Test Plan Jetpack QA site summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Firefox Home 2 Test Plan] Firefox Home 2 (aka Iphone Sync App) site summarizing Test strategy, testcases, Milestone testplans, and schedules
Web APIs Test Plans] Web APIs home page summarizing test pages to support upcoming APIs for mobile

Evolving Projects

This section should contain a list of Upcoming Projects across different teams.


Project Description
Device Compatibility Test Plan Tracks Tests and Full device list of compatibility with Mobile Firefox
Website Compatibility Test Plan Tracks top Website compatibility with Mobile Firefox
Performance Benchmarking Test Plan Tracking performance benchmarking numbers for Startup times and Page Loads
Mobile Addon for Unit Testing Automation Project to run unit tests via a test-harness addon and disperse via crowdsourcing techniques


Project Description
Selenium 2 Automation For Addons Builder Test Plan Creating Selenium 2 Automation tests for Addons Builder

Community Contribution

Anyone can participate. There are several ways in which YOU can participate:

  • File bugs
  • Triage bugs (confirm existing bugs and assign them to the right buckets)
  • Help test new features
  • Write test cases
  • Plan new features testing
  • Help others who want to get involved.


Reference Links

add links to pertinent wiki pages, blogs, dev project pages, internet sites etc. If team has a number of projects, then it may be more appropriate to list reference links that are specific to the project in the project page itself.


add link to any permanent documentation for the team or projects