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Meeting Agenda:

  • Recap Q4 goals for QAE. See timr's email sent at 1:04pm on 10/11. (timr)
    • DISCUSSION on GOALS - File a bug for major update bits to be created for Fx2->Fx3 (tchung)
    • Eggplant automation tier 1 locale spotchecks - need to review the nature of the l10n tests to automate before proceeding (tomcat)
    • Clean up Fx3 litmus test cases - go through the polish in litmus and look over old testcases that are outdated
  • FF status update (juanb)
    • RESOLVED - shipped to beta yesterday, targeting next week.
    • Action item: continue with bug verifications that are assigned out
  • Schrep mentiones Mac Leopard testing is a high priority. Do we have testcases and a plan for this?
    • RESOLVED - Test plan created, meeting on monday to discuss mac testing. 3:30pm building S, monday. (marcia)
  • FF 3 status round table (tchung)
    • DISCUSSION - accessibility crash (timk)
    • possible week slip on M9, but will debate on tuesday
  • Discussion to run nightly builds with Debug bits. Debug build wiki (tchung/tomcat)
    • RESOLVED - contact jesse to setup a brownbag on demo'ing what to look for in a debug build (tchung to contact)
    • Tiger team will incorporate debug bits into their role (marcia)
  • Community Revamp update (jay)
    • P1: Define "activity flows" and gather information from various QA teams (QAE, TDAI, Community); Create QMO pages for each segment
    • P2: Update nightly product pages to promote QMO and "activity flows"; QA Extension progress report
    • P3: Figure out how to pair up new volunteers with QA "mentors" and track their progress.
  • Update on Seneca testday (tomcat)
    • POSTPONED - Nobody showed up!
    • Looking for more ideas to get people to attend (jay, ashughes)
  • Litmus - What to do with General Areas, like Bugs/Crash without area and test cases (tomcat)
    • RESOLVED - many areas that dont have owners. Should we create a new subgroup for this area? (example: someone requested litmus test cases for a few crashes, and doesnt fit in another area)
    • Recommend the litmus organizer to place the tests in the most closely associated areas. (send mail and bug to tracy)
  • Litmus goes up and down for maintenance during work hours (marcia)
    • RESOLVED - if this happens, give heads up way ahead of time to qae team first. (timr to talk to coop and others)
  • Grouphub update. Work items from last week:
    • Rename title from QA-Test Project to something else (timr)
      • We should rename it to "QA - Projects" - Jay
        • RESOLVED - timr talked to cbeard, and was mentioned that QA starts its own domain, but it was already taken. Will be created this week. "Mozilla QA" (timr, jay to register
    • Adding the new projects to the thread:
      • Firefox 3 (tchung)
      • (juanb)
      • AUS redesign (stephend)
      • Community (jay)
      • Profile tracking (marcia)
        • RESOLVED - awaiting domain issue to be set first before proceeding with adding projects.
  • This friday's testday - Accessibility (timk)
    • RESOLVED - Run the accessibility test suite on litmus. high contrast, extra large fonts. See announcement on QMO. (timk will be online all day)
  • Further clarity on 'qawanted' bugs and how to handle them (timr)
    • RESOLVED - should go through the buglist and remove the keyword if testing is completed or non-reproducible. QA needs to be determined to resolve them. (add link here)
  • Other topics?

  • Can we get accounts to Yahoo Premium mail? (marcia)
    • RESOLVED - we can ask cbeard or kev for accounts. Should not be a problem (timr)
    • Other things, if there are accounts that are needed for testing, its okay to talk to timr.
  • In the process of getting windows vista ultimate VM working (al)
    • RESOLVED - Will be completed by tomorrow