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Meeting Agenda:

  • Firefox 2009 update (abillings)
    • UPDATE - smoketest assignments out, builds coming out late tonite, betatesting, update testing
    • Ship is targeting next thursday. Calender schedule
    • Smoketest during release cycle will always need eyes on it. Automated smoketests will be more for nightlies, or right before final builds
  • Firefox M9 round table update (tchung)
    • Firefox 3 feature update. (See Feature Tracking tab on Spreadsheet)
    • Test plan for M9 includes: Smoketests, full FFT on all platforms, Extension testing, Plugin Testing, Top site testing, Focused testing.
      • UPDATE - Google calendar has expected work hours for the regression areas
    • M9 Bug verifications
      • DISCUSSION - is mac theme going to land in beta 1? (tchung to check)
  • Community Project update (jay)
    • How to get community to help test layout issues? (marcia)
      • UPDATE - Jay, stephend putting together a doc on how to get community to test the nightlies. waiting on schrep's input
    • Creating a beta channel or beta alias? (marcia,tomcat)
      • UPDATE - Jay, marcia to talk to vendors in the next day to come up with who will be on the list
  • Tiger team testing update? (marcia)
    • Havent seen much activity or bugs entered on the wiki
      • UPDATE - we need to log more issues that are found during tiger team testing. Be sure to enter your bugs into the wiki.
    • Plans to include debug builds into role (tomcat)
      • UPDATE - tomcat got debug builds to work on linux. windows debug builds are still having issues. Not so easy to setup yet, but working on it.
      • will be running the builds and check for leaks.
  • Webdev testing update (stephend)
    • UPDATE - stephen working with paul kim to figure out schedule
    • ETA test complete is 11/15, but testing is behind.
    • still hard to write test plan because AMO is still being designed. Awaiting spec
    • Operation firefox launched.
  • VM update (abillings)
    • UPDATE - Vista VM business is up for use. recommended to use. 2.8 Gigz versus 9 gig of Vista ultimate.
    • Do NOT run system updates for Vista and XP vm's. it will de-authenticate your registration.
    • New Ubuntu 7.10 VM is out.
  • Future Testday topics? (tomcat)
    • UPDATE - testday. Firefox 3 topic will resume next week
    • Tomcat, Tony is working on a future regression testday for Firefox 3 features.
  • Other topics?
    • DISCUSSION - mw22 brought up yahoo issue. the DOM document error. Word is yahoo is working on a fix on it, and its not really something that MozQA should be involved.
    • In general , the Mozilla Tech Evangelism team is the right avenue to have them contact vendors for issues. (shaver, asa)
    • Java on mac is still pretty broken on minefield. Applets being initialized, applications freezing.
    • Plugin Finder Service is broken on vista. Java Xpi will not install right.
    • Grouphub is now working. Tim created a few projects on there, so please start using it to track your tasks and Todo list. (Al - Firefox 2.0.0.x, Tony - Firefox 3). Timr to create a general ToDo project.
    • What do we do to test performance on Firefox 3? Safari says they are better. (marcia).
      • Dev team and beltzner is looking at raw versus user performance
      • Performance and security issue point by point to be analyzed
    • Onsite in november?
      • QA team to have a planning day will be on monday, nov 26th. Break out be QAE and TDAI team.