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Meeting Agenda:

  • Is Mac Leopard a priority 1 to test? (marcia, carsten)
    • RESOLVED - priority for Fx2, but not Fx3. Q4 goal will create Test Plan for Leopard. Most likely FFTs, additional test cases later, similar to Vista. (marcia, juanb)
  • Further discussion on grouphub project tracking for QAE. (timr)
    • Optimal discussion on setting it up? (marcia)
      • WORKING SOLUTION - small projects will be setup to trial. Take a major milestone, and break up individual priorities within that window. (eg. M9 project, and corresponding list of to-do items, prioritied) (tchung)
    • How much time should we spend on using it? (marcia)
      • WORKING SOLUTION - start with small projects, and start tracking them in grouphub:
 Firefox 3 (tchung) (juanb)
 AUS redesign (stephend)
 Community (jay)
 Profile tracking (marcia) 
      • Rename the project name from QA-Test Project to something else. (jay, timr, to document this)
      • Milestones will have to-do list for projects
      • Use the To-Do list to track project-related items, granular breakdown.
  • Weekly status reporting
    • RESOLVED - Use grouphub to bubble up individual items in your report so tim can roll out a status report.
  • TB support? (marcia)
    • DISCUSSION - still deciding if we are going to QA this? Scott and Dveditz to decide if this is going to happen. If it happens, timing would be after (marcia, timr to follow up)
  • FF status update (juanb)
    • UPDATE - Code freeze today, RC builds ready by friday. Work on bug verification bugs by next week.
  • FF 3 status round table (tchung)
    • Get a general status on stability of Fx3? Issues found, items needing to escalate. (tchung, marcia)
      • DISCUSSION - UI is not ready. still awaiting a lot of changes and updates. stability is okay, but concerns evolve around performance issues. (eg. launching bookmarks in browser, large history stored) Mac issues still bad. widgets, focus issues. download manager is okay. Unified toolbar bugs on mac theme may have problematic regression issues. Builds are still pretty crashy (more bugs filed within the last week).
  • Seeking QA owner for Search and Tabbed Browsingfeature (tchung)
    • RESOLVED - Tabbed Browsing (marcia), Search feature (tomcat). Thanks guys.
  • This friday's testday - Tabbed Browsing/Download Manager (stephend)
    • RESOLVED - stephend will scrape up a few test cases in time for tomorrow's tabbed browsing. Devs to join: dao, sdwilsh, dmose, mardak, ryan flint (stephend to email)
  • Load balancing Litmus test cases [Litmus Triage team]
    • DISCUSSION - better way to get litmus ? bugs to be marked in litmus and verified. For now, feature owners arent complaining too much. Will revisit later.
  • Who owns the l10n cases in Litmus? [Litmus Triage team]
    • DISCUSSION - someone can create the test suite and organize the list of test cases. If its feature based, each owner of that feature should be helping out with adding test cases for their areas to the test suite. But what about the areas no one owns? (eg. printing, rss, preferences, etc..)
    • Who will be the litmus l10n test suite caretaker? One idea is to push this back on the localizer owner. We can be the faciliator and available for questions, but we dont have the time or bandwidth to cover this.
    • Continued to discuss this in weekly l10n meeting (timr)
  • Keeping up with getting test cases in Litmus when bugs are VERIFIED in bugzilla [Litmus Triage Team]
    • RESOLVED - important for each person to keep their eye on their feature first. Make sure in-litmus? becomes + if assigned to them. Marcia to crack whip if its not happening.
    • reminder to run the litmus test case after you create it, so the result becomes a last point of reference in record.
  • Thoughts on eggplant and public virtual machine? Based off email from last week... (tracy)
    • DISCUSSION - timr checked with bhearsum on a solution for public vm. tracy to take conversation offline with ben.
  • Other topics?