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Meeting Agenda:

  • Resource balancing for Fx2.0.0.9, TB2.0.0.9, and Fx3 M9. (timr)
    • UPDATE - Tim, Al, and Tony will work on scheduling out the work breakdown for the QAE team as a whole
    • DISCUSSION - if individual has a preference on area they want to test and work on, speak to Al or Tony to get priority.
  • beta update (al)
    • UPDATE - builds are hosed. QA awaiting bits from builds due to firedrill. Need tests on releasetest channel. Targeting builds around 5pm. We still need someone to sign up for mac testing.
    • TB (al)
      • UPDATE - locales will be available for testing tomorrow morning. try to get testing done before firefox is done. Need to run BFTs and l10n spotchecks. See wiki for more info. targeting release to beta on monday.
  • M9 update (tchung)
    • Are your beta features code completed? Voice any blocking concerns? Write them down here.
      • DISCUSSION - is the new mac theme going to land in beta? (marcia to find out)
    • Regression Testing signups. Wiki coming soon.
      • FFT (linux already done by tomcat)
      • Extensions / Plugins Regressions
      • Top site Regressions (bc to run from automation side, need manual litmus testing)
      • Focused Testing
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • Installation & demo of debug builds in QA lab at onsite (tomcat)
    • Possible topic for testday? (tomcat)
      • UPDATE - working with jonas and team on debugging some of the leaks found. tested on linux debug builds.
      • UPDATE - will get windows debug bits up and running. Will run FFTs on windows over the weekend.
  • Testday topic this week on OS Integration.
    • UPDATE - inviting mac devs, posted in forums.
    • Next week: Tbird2.0.0.9 or M9 testday?
      • UPDATE - topic will be M9 beta 1 testing next week.
      • DISCUSSION - Tbird2.0.0.9 testday may be on another testday? Also be posting and blogging about TBird builds are live. (marcia,tomcat to discuss offline)
  • Future testday topics to add?
    • UPDATE - Working on breaking down Firefox 3 regression areas into multiple testdays. (tomcat, tchung)
  • Other topics?
  • Beta tester alias (marcia set it up)
    • DISCUSSION - use the mailing list for people to look over older bugs. Is the older mailing lists working? Plan is to send out more regular updates, whats coming up, etc.. (marcia, jay to talk offline)
    • create tshirts for the community? (jay to talk to pkim about design)
    • perhaps add beta testers to the announce-prerelease alias
  • When will we be doing the allQA team meeting? Probably tuesday? (marcia to send mail)
    • DISCUSSION - we should put together an agenda item for this (tracy, timr)