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Meeting Agenda:

  • Breakdown of QAE responsibilities in the next 4 days. See timr's email. (timr, abillings, tchung)
    • UPDATE - no issues blocking partner testing, webdev testing. resources look good for the plan.
    • Fx update (al)
      • UPDATE - aim to release by wednesday. Aside from regression testing, focus on bug verifications.
      • 15 of 23 bugs already verified!
      • l10n testing projected monday morning, so shouldnt block beta 1 testing
      • also pick up some of the bug verifications if we have time.
    • Fx 3 beta 1 update (tchung)
      • UPDATE - Targeting a monday release. aside from test plan cases, need live site tests
      • Need to follow up on FFTs that failed publicly.
  • QA wiki reorg proposal (ss)
    • UPDATE - resolved at QA meeting yesterday.
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • UPDATE - Ongoing project
    • Tomcat to do a demo on debug bits
  • Testdays
    • Testday topic this week: Fx3 beta 1 - part deux!
    • Future testday topics to add? (tomcat)
      • UPDATE - next friday test Tomcat to run himself
      • Setup regression testing page
  • Assisting tomer and R-To-L testers? (jay, timr)
    • UPDATE - Jay sent out a doc to the localizers. Follow up with mic,axel on update
  • Beta tester alias (marcia, jay)
    • LAST WEEK DISCUSSION - use the mailing list for people to look over older bugs. Is the older mailing lists working? Plan is to send out more regular updates, whats coming up, etc.. (marcia, jay to talk offline)
    • create tshirts for the community? (jay to talk to pkim about design)
    • perhaps add beta testers to the announce-prerelease alias
    • DISCUSSION - currently just mozilla people on it.
    • Tony to setup a firefox 3 beta page on QMO. Use this page to get people to sign up for beta alias.
    • Highlight web app areas and ask for help
  • When will we be doing the allQA team meeting? Agenda? (timr)
    • UPDATE - qa meeting will be on thursday sometime. Timr to do agenda. Send it out
  • Lab's VM's- description of vm's - changes from standard configuration ? (tomcat)
    • UPDATE - came up from partner testing. Fedora has seLinux installed by default, and it breaks talkback. Security is disabled on VM. We should note the standard configurations for VMs.
    • Al will disable seLinux in the VM.

  • Other topics?
  • For scheduling items, please keep up to date with your documentation. They get looked at by those you dont think care.
  • Security release checklist? QA testplan should be coming out of the main schedule tracking page. Example: