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Meeting Agenda:

  • TB / Fx3b2 QA Coverage (12/11 - 12/21)
    • Release Test Team for TB Al, Stephen, Juan
    • Release Test Team for FFx 3 B2: Tony, Marcia, Tracy, Tomcat, Marco
    • See timr's email for more
  • TB (al)
    • Need to test Major update to 2.x?
    • UPDATE - no major update. there are nightlies available, so bug verifications can be done
  • Fx3b2 (tchung)
    • Critical issues for beta 2? Fill it out here.
    • TestPlan
    • M10 Bug Verifications - Bug query [Core|Firefox]
      • 36 of 81 core bugs verified
      • 32 of 54 firefox bugs verified
  • In-litmus? bugs needing litmus testcases. (marcia, tomcat)
    • Places and content handling have quite a few
    • DISCUSSION - We will work on these testcases after b2 ships.
  • In-litmus? versus In-testsuite? testcases
    • When a bug is Fixed and marked In-testsuite+, how do we proceed with verification? (mw22) DISCUSSION - its managable. We can assume bugs with in-testsuite+, would be good enough to mark as VERIFIED. (mw22)
    • Is it redundant to have a testcase with both In-litmus+ and In-testsuite+ ? Why would we need both? (tracy)
    • DISCUSSION - some bugs have a frontend and backend to it. it makes sense to have both.
  • Software Update Subgroup to move out of Fx3.0 litmus suite? (tracy)
    • In general, where do topics like these (not-release related, no-ownership) areas belong in? (marcia)
    • UPDATE - marcia, tracy to take it offline. Need to find the areas like this and put it someplace else.
  • Betatester alias (marcia, jay)
    • UPDATE - marcia to create a wiki page, people can go to this page and retool the email that will be blasted out to targeted communities. overtime grow the list and community. First, Identify those that are willing to help with major chunks of web functionality. Overtime, we'll have a better idea who is going to help. Also, a reward program and finding the right channel for feedback.
  • Testday this week focus on Download Manager, Bookmarks, and awesomebar. (tomcat)

  • Other topics?
  • Headcount for next year? (timr)
    • UPDATE - looking for 50% growth in QAE. Looking for webdev and mobile testing. General help with releases.
    • TDAI will seek a tools head and test development head.
    • Target: 26 people on QA! 18 today.
  • What's the general overall strategy for growth? (jay)
    • UPDATE - ~200-~250 headcount. more of a john lilly question.