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Meeting Agenda:

  • Fx3b2 Post mortem feedback (tchung)
    • UPDATE - john duinn to send out notes
    • meeting will be at 1pm PST. posted shortly.
  • Fx3 update (tchung)
    • Testplanscomplete them by Q4
      • UPDATE - timr and tchung gathered verbal status on testplan. will roll up a summary in the next firefox meeting.
      • martijn will add a testplan for Gecko test cases.
    • Feedback Rollup page
    • Ownership needed to develop test cases for Breakpad [marcia]
      • Email sent regarding the issue but no feedback was received. Currently we should ensure before we ship that breakpad is not only installed but that it fires and that data ends up on the server. The Win Vista issue surfaced very late in the game for Beta 2, and as a result we will not have any crash feedback for that OS until someone figures out what is going on in that bug.
        • DISCUSSION - sam to add testcases on ways to include tests for breakpad into litmus. Will disable these tests from community.
  • TB update (al)
    • UPDATE - shipped on wed. no plans for major updates yet.
    • Firefox - targeting end of jan
  • Leak Update
    • UPDATE - filed 5 new leak bugs to dev team. Over the holiday, will do more testing.
  • Litmus cleanup update for Fx 3.0 (tracy)
    • UPDATE - Completed restructured 3.0 areas. eg. collaborated security tests
    • cleaned up FFTs and BFTS
    • litmus admins: keep up your feature area clean. If you have a massive change (eg. string for Places Organizer), ask coop to change it in the backend.
  • Discuss bugzilla component for litmus?
    • From coop, "Note that I'm not advocating this new component for one-off testcase writing for specific bugs, but rather for instances (e.g. Places) where we need to come up with testcases for entire feature areas. In the interim, I've started assigning testcase-content-related to qa@mozilla.bugs."
      • DISCUSSION - could be more overhead for QAE. unsure how this is going to be a benefit to our team for now. Not realistic for tracking individual testcases, but no one is fully convinced why this is going to be used for.
  • Betatesters alias update (jay, marcia)
    • UPDATE - article is picked up on the press. 56 people signed up. great work guys!
  • Testday this week on trunk (tomcat)
    • UPDATE - jay followed up with top testday members, and pinged them
  • Vacations. (Update the Mozilla calendar)

  • Other topics?