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Discussion Items

  • MoMess support (abillings, marcia)
    • what's the level of support for thunderbird? And when do we step in / back out?
      • discussion - they're supporting TB3, always been that way
      • Planning on phasing out TB2.x 6 months after tb3 ships
      • Marcoz agreed to assisting with TB accessibility (mostly core-level work)
    • wayne mery wants to use #testday for Tbird test days - should they use that channel or create their own? What if we both wanted to have a test day on the same day?
      • discussion (timr) to talk to david ascher, to make it clear to wayne and the tb community that mozilla qa resources are only for tb2.x testing.
  • OSCON update
    • Bof on wednesday night (ctalbert, tomcat, tchung)
    • QA tools and intro talk on thursday (ctalbert, tomcat)
    • Get started cards to be passed out (jay)
    • See full list

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.1 (tchung)
    • shipped very first Fx3 security release!
  • Firefox (abillings)
    • shipped on Tuesday
  • Tbird
    • Beta shipped on Wednesday, shipping next Wednesday
  • Firefox 3.1 (tchung)
    • Code freeze ETA July 21st, midnight
    • Alpha 1: ETA before summit
    • Tracking notes here
  • Major update testing (juanb)
    • Define the testplan (3 testers)
    • Get help on it. setting up profiles, making sure data is preserved.
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • no updates, working on automation etc
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • Working on AMO 3.4.6
      • Code Freeze - 7/21 (11:59pm), push: 7/24
    • Working on SUMO 0.61
      • Code freeze for 0.6.1: Thursday July 24th
      • Push for 0.6.1: Tuesday July 29th
  • Accessibility Testing update (marcoZ)
    • bug 345759 landed, giving Firefox finally the ability to expose font, style, color and misspelling information to assistive technologies. Expecting a couple of follow-up bugs.
    • Still need help on the fact that some tests pass when running stand-alone, but fail when running in conjunction with other tests.
  • No Testday this week. Off week. Starting back up next week. (Juanb)

Other topics?