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Scheduling Guidelines

Feel free to reschedule (with the permission of the session leader) or add new sessions during the Summit for any space with a white background. Spaces with grey backgrounds should not be altered without consulting Dan Portillo or Mike Beltzner.

session slot may be scheduled or moved by session leaders
session slot may not be scheduled or moved without asking dan, beltzner, or mconnor


  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm Welcome Reception (casual dress) and dinner

Tuesday, July 29

Wednesday, July 30

Thursday, July 31


  • Brunch will be served
  • Buses will shuttle people to Vancouver International Airport
    • please arrange your shuttle time at the hotel amenities desk before Friday

Lightning talks

Wednesday lightning talks

  • 1:00 Branding (John Slater)
  • 1:15 Design Demos (Boriss)
  • 1:30 XPConnect Wrappers (Blake Kaplan)
  • 1:45 How to stop guessing what the community thinks (Seth, Stas)

Thursday lightning talks

To be Scheduled