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Discussion Items

  • Q308 Goals (timr, tchung)
    • Tracking page here
    • Look over Team Goals
    • Please have this completed by end of week
  • Summit QA topics? (timr)
    • Current QA proposals listed
      • discussion - Accessibility presentation, mochikit based only (marcoz, AaronL)
        • one idea is to dim the lights, turn off the laptops, and give the world a visually impaired perspective.
      • Overview of Aria and Accessibility tools (marcoz)
      • Overview of Mozilla QA tools (tomcat, tchung). involve localization, betatesters target audience
      • Leak testing demo (tomcat)
      • Build and QA colloboration. (timr, joduinn?) how are ways we can prune back testing? ways to improve our efficiency?
    • Looking for volunteers to help out
      • possible summit brown bags for team? (leak mochitests, Gristmill, creating a reftest, creating a simplified javascript test, etc.. )

Project Updates

  • Firefox 3.0.1 (tchung)
    • Schedule
    • Testers: Tony, Tracy, tomcat, marcia
  • Firefox (abillings)
    • Firefox shipped on tuesday
    • Schedule
    • Testers: Al, Juan, Hasham
  • Firefox 3.1 (tchung)
    • Code freeze ETA July 22nd
    • Alpha 1: ETA before summit
    • Tracking notes here
  • Major update testing (juanb)
    • Available on "majortest" channel since June 27th
    • ETA to begin July 9th
  • Leak testing update (tomcat)
    • Still finding and filing Leak Bugs
      • Current Status (Bugs filed):
      • -> 317 Memory Leak Bugs
      • -> 71 Assertion Bugs
      • -> 67 Bugs for JS Errors caused by Extensions
    • Working on Automation
  • Webdev update (stephend)
    • AMO 3.4.5 (part deux)
      • Code freeze bumped to 7/7, with ship date 7/10
        • Many thanks to ss and juanb for letting me cajole them into splitting up the bug verifications while I'm on vacation that week
    • SUMO
      • Shipping a set of polish (not Polish) fixes for SUMO tonight during IT's maintenance window
  • Accessibility Testing update (marcoZ)
    • Big suite of automated tests for textboxes landed this week, found a few weaknesses in the APIs in the process and fixed them. All work is done on mozilla-central, so am waiting for the staging tinderboxen to be able to use this for running the tests there and getting them to production tinderboxen soon.
    • bug 432467 - The 3.0.1 build contains the fix for the Tablet PC crasher bug many have seen. If possible, this should be verified. Marcia called out to the people who had trouble, but so far no word on 3.0.1 or the 3.0.1pre nightly builds.
    • Continuous bugfixing and improvements in Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) support on 1.9.1.
    • Also progress on the Thunderbird/Lightning-needed a11y platform needs. With the decision of the Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Calendar teams to move to mercurial, life just got a lot easier from my end.
  • No Testday this week. Off week. Also july 4th, US holiday.

Other topics?

  • new accessibility extension : WebVisun., reviewed on
  • For all the excellent QA team on firefox3 help, means Paid Day off!
    • Friday july 11th. If you have exceptions, talk to timr.