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General Information

Area Details
  • Developer: Vivien Nicolas (:vingtetun)
  • Designer: Madhava Enros (:madhava)
  • QA: Aaron Train (:aaronmt)
Tracking Bugs
  • bug 436069 - Unify history, bookmarks, awesomebar search and remote tabs into a single UI


A unification of history, bookmarks, awesomebar search and remote tabs in a single user interface. In essence, it is an integrated view that as well grants one the ability to observe:

  • A Default View (frequency based suggestions)
  • Bookmarks View
  • History View
  • Remote Pages View (Weave/Sync)
  • In-Place Editing

Major Areas of Testing

  • Testing Environment
    • Motorola Milestone (Android 2.1)
  • Fennec Build
    • Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Linux armv7l; rv:2.0b6pre) Gecko/20100910

Firefox/4.0b6pre Fennec/2.0b1pre

Litmus Testcases

General Functionality

  • Badges
    • GMail
      • A red badge indicating a notification should appear on the right side of an all page item listed for GMail.
    • If no notification is present, there should not be a badge.

General Interaction

  • Accessing the AwesomeScreen
    • On tap of location bar, AwesomeScreen should present itself
      • 'All Pages' should be the currently selected tab
      • The Virtual Keyboard should be present only when the location bar has been tapped
      • Quick access to search engine provider listing should be present when one taps the menu button on ones device
        • The list, titled "Search With:" should have listed
          • Google
          • Twitter
          • Wikipedia
        • Tapping one of the providers should perform a search with the selected provider using any keywords that are present in the location bar
      • By default, an ordered list (sorted by frequency) should be displayed of recently accessed items
      • By default, a listing of the default bookmarks should be listed (starred)
  • Searching
    • Entering a keyword or search term into the location bar and taping a quick access search engine provider listing should perform the search through that particular service
    • Typing a tag keyword should list all all tagged items in priority in search results with all similar non-tagged items following
    • Items from Bookmarks/History/Desktop (if weave/sync is configured) should be identified in matching the supplied keyword or search term or as close provided
  • Misc
    • All listed items should have their associated Favicon appear to the left
    • On rotation of the device (landscape/portrait), the currently selected tab should be retained

All Pages Tab

  • On tap of the 'All Pages' tab, a listing of the following should display:
    • Recently opened tabs
      • Frequently visited items should appear on the top of the list
    • A listing of all bookmarks should be displayed
      • Bookmarked listings should be indicated with a right side yellow star icon
      • Bookmarked listings that have been tagged should be indicated to the left of the yellow star icon
    • A listing of all presently open tabs should be displayed
    • A listing of all recently closed tabs (history) should be displayed
    • A listing of remote tabs (if properly configured Sync settings are in use, and synced at least once)
  • On tap of a listed item, the AwesomeScreen should close alongside the Virtual Keyboard

Bookmarks Tab

  • On tap of the 'Bookmarks' tab, a listing of the following should display:
    • Users self created bookmarks
    • Bookmarks synchronized from other machines (if Sync/Weave is configured)
      • If folders are present, they should be navigable and items should reside within them
  • Bookmarking a tab should result it in being listed within these listings
  • Long hold on a bookmark should open a dialog with the ability to:
    • Edit (Name/URL/Tag)
    • Remove
  • Long hold on a folder should not allow one to edit or remove it
    • Bookmarked items that are tagged should indicate the tag to the right of the item
    • Removed bookmarks should not be listed

History Tab

  • On tap of the 'History' tab, a listing of the following should display:
    • An ordered listing (descending by date) of recently accessed pages
    • Listings should be categorized by Today/Yesterday/Last 7 Days/Older than 7 days
    • Recently accessed pages should be at the top of the list
    • Clearing browser data should empty this listing

Desktop Tab

  • If weave/sync is disconnected, this tab should be inaccessible
  • If weave/sync is connected, this tab should be accessible
    • On tap of the 'Desktop' tab, a listing of the following should display
    • A separated listing of synced machines and the items that have been synchronized

Negative Testing

  • Remote tab should not be accessible nor show any selectable items if Sync has not been properly configured and synced at least one time.

Related Bugs

  • bug 436069 - Unify history, bookmarks, awesomebar search and remote tabs into a single UI
  • bug 590549 - Favicon missing from items in History tab within AwesomeScreen
  • bug 590067 - Enabled sync buttons while weave is starting up if there any old data
  • bug 591339 - Multiple AwesomeScreen tabs are shown as selected when device is rotated to landscape