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Feature <abc> Test Plan


Minor revisions of the location bar's functionality will allow the user to restrict match types, show keywords, etc.


  • show keywords - (bug 392143)
  • edit middle - (bug 407888)
  • restrict match - (bug 395161)
  • Location bar autocomplete should be willing to complete to a URL with a different protocol - (bug 424717)
  • Add all bookmark keywords to location bar autocomplete drop-down list - (bug 249468)
  • show keywords as url bar autocomplete choices - (bug 392143)
  • Globally decay adaptive input history to allow for new entries - (bug 406422)
  • Allow AwesomeBar to default search only urls (or history/titles/bookmarks/tags) - (bug 424557)
  • in RTL builds, popups for site identity and star hang the wrong way - (bug 427739)

Test Strategy

Test coverage consists of:

Will NOT be covered:

  • No running of the full functional testcase suite

Schedule Scoping

I don't envision this taking longer than 2-3 hours to run the BFT on location bar for Windows, Mac, and Linux builds.


Mardak's blog post