ReMo/Application Process

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Step 1: bug triaging by Ruben

Step 2: interview of applicant

  • mentor contacts applicant via email (council designates mentor based on region/number)
  • mentor schedules an IRC meeting same week (explains what IRC is if necessary)
  • Go/No-go from mentor (decision is based on selection criteria and mentors are encouraged to consult with council)
    • No-go: Mentor informs applicant via email
    • Go: Mentor informs applicant of next steps via email

Step 3: hand-holding period (1-2 weeks)

  • return the Mozilla Rep Agreement signed and sent by email
  • creation of wiki profile page (providing him the template and tips)
  • subscription to ReMo mailing list
  • creation of bugzilla account (if they don't have one already)
  • guide through basic SOPs
  • sign-up to receive Mozilla Contribute inquiries